Monday, April 5, 2010

Where does time go?

A sign hangs up in a doctors office that says "Time fly’s by whether you’re having fun or not". How true! Not that I am not having fun but gosh where does it go? Since my last post in February..(sorry) my baby has not only turned three but she has started school. Yes, very emotional for the mom. But Bailey? Nope!!! She doesn't even want me to walk her to class, she passes me in the whole and just gives me this cute smile and big wave but you know in side I am praying she may just run out of line throw her arms up who knows maybe shed one tear and pretend she misses me but that's not happening. Her knew thing is she has discovered "boys" let me explain we have 7 little girls in our family, no one has had the boy yet (talk about some pressure) so when she went to school she realized she now likes boys! She told her daddy she really likes boys and wants to marry one, her daddy not happy to be hearing this in a calm voice let her know you will not get married until you are 40 and boys are dirty and smelly-her response "No, my boyfriend is clean he takes a bath! What can I say, she is quick. check out some of her most recent photos!! Have a great night!