Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And then there was 4............

I am so excited to announce come October the Russel home will get a bit more cramped! Yep, there is a baby on the way!

Like many "new moms", I struggled with the "right time" to tell. With Bailey we waited close to 3 months, however, she, although "planned," happend quicker than we expected and I was out on summer break, so it was easy to keep quite. This pregnancy was different though for starters I have a 4 year old running all over the house and she hears things!

I was so afraid at first for people to know and once I had told some I beat my self up for even telling them and I am not even sure why. Why do we do this to ourselves or at least me, why do I put this pressure to get "through the 3 months" for what? I can assure you even after the 3 month mark with Bailey I was stressed, after she was born I worried about her in the hospital. We are always going to be concerned about our children rather they are the size of a seed (as this little one is) or a grown person living off with their family. God reminded me that I had to trust him, this was in fact what I had been praying for and I shouldn't be scared to tell other.

After  holding it in for almost three weeks  (yes Bailey knew before anyone and she has kept quite) I decided to let Bailey tell her class today. Her teacher was so sweet to even video tape it for me and send it to me!

This little one is no doubt an answer to our prayers. Bailey even began putting her hand on my stomach saying " God I thank you for my mommys baby growing in her bellyy" then she would always ask "what was tht bible part that says if you ask God he will give it you"?? She reminded me all what faith was about, thanking God even before it happens, speaking those things into exsistence. These next 8 months will be an amazing journey and I am so thrilled. Please keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She's almost 5!

How is it that I have been planning this party for a year and yet with 3 weeks left to go I  am running around like a chicken with my head cut off !
It is hard to believe in less than a month my sweet baby girl will be a big 5 year old!
With that being said the Dick and Jane saga continues,  Seriously, am I one of the only ones in this world that adores the old school feel of Dick and Jane? I  told Jay I should create tons of Dick and Jane inspired goodies and open shop, then again I may be the only one shopping for it.
I decided to go back to making my own invites, I found some reproduction Dick and Jane books at a thrift store and cut them to pieces! Yes, I did..I am horrible!
I am always stressing to Bailey the importance of taking care of her stuff, books epecially, and here I am happy go lucky with my purple scissors destroying these poor books! I am happy though with the final project.
 Each invite is different, which I think is pretty neat.

I just love Sally, she is like the cutest kid!

Love the vintage look!

bag toppers

sour cream pouch favor, easy to make favor!

paper fan cupcake toppers, cute but a bit to much work to me!

project in the making, party favors!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grandma Russel is 100!

I am really falling behind in my blogging! Things have been crazy busy in the Russel home and I am so looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend. With that being said, it is time to play catch up!

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our 100th day of school, Bailey decided she wanted to dress up like Ms. Haley who usually comes to school as a Gandmother on this special day. I found a vintage dress at an antique store, rollers from the doller tree and daddy bought her a walking stick. I have to say she sure turned out super cute. I couldn't stop smiling when I noticed she was even walking the hallways as if she had some ailing back pain. This child has so much character and I know with out a doubt between that and her sweet smile she will bless many people throughout her life. 
Yes! This little girl makes me so proud!!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Grandmother Russel

Grandmother and Caroline
Mrs.Heather and Grandmother

Mrs.Amanda and Grandmother
One of my fav 100's day project!~

Bailey's Class Projects
I loved Bailey's Cow Art!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rockin the 80's!

I don't remeber tons about the 80's but I can greatly recall, 4th grade Mr.Farrows class where my "dream boy" gave me New Kids on the Block trading cards! Oh Joey you were my man! I was so excited to learn one of our dress up days at school last week, was going to be 80's theme. I showed my class, pictures of the 80's style, big hair, bright colors and of course the BFF puff paint shirts that were the coolest! Pretty sure they thought I was insane but I was having a blast. Here are some pics from our Totally Super Cool Totally Outrageous Day!
Wendy was rockin that side ponytail for sure

Like mother like daughter

Best Friend Pose from the 80's-
Presely and Bailey were too cute
Of course us moms had to have fun too!
April I swear looks like she did in school!

Martine and Wendy
80's children

Jenna and Bailey
How about that 1986 cabbage patch! Yep, thrift store 2.00!
Bailey and Caroline
Jelly Shoes and Roller Skates!
Super Duper Fun Day!