Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Since my last post it is crazy to think all that has changed in my life. Actually it' not like a bunch of little things have changed, just one nig thing. Last Thursday I accepted a position as a 1st grade teacher. I still continue to teach in the same school but since I was hired the 05-06 school year I have been in Pre-K. I am so excited about the new job, actually I am VERY excited, I have a new amazing, smart, understanding, beautiful new team, which I know I will learn so much from. However, with all that said I leave behind a wonderful classroom partner, Wendy. Wendy came in with me my 2nd year and we have been together since, I called her my back bone of the classroom. She kept me in line! It was hard breaking apart but I know she will be great! I also am leaving a team of 16 wonderful ladies who I shared my first 6 years in the educational system with.

I know God will be with me each step of the way and I hope to continue to be a positive influence on each kid that I come in contact with. Today our assistant principal gave us all a question to answer. "why are you a teacher"-for me it was an easy answer "to make a difference". I feel so blessed to be in a profession where I can't wait to get to work, where you can make a difference in a child’s life! I also feel extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing school- a school that for 9 years has been an A school!

Can't wait to post pictures of my new room!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Delivery

I am so excited that this weekend I was able to scratch something off my bucket list, visiting the Cabbage Patch Hospital in Cleveland, GA. I have wanted to take Bailey there for sometime but it just never seemed to work out. However, as fate would have it our planned trip to Ashville with Jay’s sister and her family this past weekend was only 45 minutes away from the hospital……or so we thought. After plans to take the girls and getting them all hyped up for the trip we realized that the hospital was not close at all, actually it was 2 ½ hours away! Oh well, it was planned therefore we made it happened. Leaving at midnight Thursday night we drove straight to Georgia, stopping only at the cracker barrel for some good food. With no sleep we arrived at 8:30 at our destination, enough time to get dressed and be one of the first to enter at 9:00. I about fell over at the sweet lady in front of us as she asked her husband, do you think its crazy if I spend $500.00 on a doll. She then proceeds to tell me 10 years ago she bought one for $125.00. Oh lord, Jay gave me a limit of $50.00, then again what’s an extra zero! (By the way we ran into her before we left imagine the relief her husband must have felt, she only spent $300.00 on her doll)

Bailey thought we were at a castle!

cabbage was planted everywhere out side, how adorable!

Lauren and Bailey with Aunt Jill's dolls from when she was little!

The first couple of room were filled with old style dolls, I was in love with these three but not willing to part with my hard earned money!
Jay was so excited about this place I could hardly keep me still, I mean look at him,
that face says it all!all!


Bailey and I with a few of our new friends!

of course the teacher in me loved this!
Daddy and Bailey!

The picture above was and will forever be so special to me. Bailey and Lauren were so excited that they were able to witness a live birth of one of the new cabbage patch babies. After Mrs.Cabbage was dialated 10 leaves she was ready to deliver. With the nurse's guidance Mrs.Cabbage only had to push twice and a new baby girl entered the world. Mrs.Cabbage's nurse asked if anyone would like to give her new baby her first name and a cute lil kid yelled out Candy, so Candy it was. The nurse than asked if anyone would like to give her a middle name and Bailey raised her hand so sweetly. Bailey said she wanted her middle name to be Bella-So after only two pushes Candy Bella was born. This had to be the highlight of the trip for Bailey.

Nurse Donna was such a sweetie helping Bailey pick out her new baby she would adopt. I just loved her!

of course Nurse Donna introduced the girls to the hair station and they were in heaven!

after two hours of looking for the "one" we found her. I am proud to  introduce to you all,  Miss Bella Reese Russel. Of course her original name was Amilia Wanda and well that didn't really flow with us nothing against the name and all but for a small fee Bailey adopted her new baby and in two weeks we will get the official paper work!

This was one of the best times I can remember and I have no doubt in my mind that Bailey will always remember this day and the moment she first held Miss Bella!

Thank you daddy for supporting all of our insane request and driving out of the way to make this day happen for us. We love you!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

My obsession with paper straws!

Once again I have created a new problem all due to my intense google searching of party ideas!
My new problem : My obsession with paper straws!
 I know they are just straws but how can you resist! I am all over the internet and searching magazine for ideas for these cute little things.

Check these out!

Bakerella is amazing!

ice cream sundae party

Prom birthday party

found this online and I love it, center piece idea for bailey's party!

I found this really cute shop on etsy  MakingMemoriesFun.
The store has a good variety of colored straws and cupcake liners.
What really got my attention was her logo!
How stinkin' cute is this girl!!
here are a couple of things from her shop!

perfect for Christmas and Back to school party!

Possible colors for Baileys 5th birthday

not straws but boy I loved these!

You may be thinking 4th of July but the teacher in me says Perfect for Dr.Seuss's bday!

Good night and Sweet dreams

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

love these two!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I wear Etsy!

Back to shool shopping has been so much fun this year. I am so happy to say, I have caught many things on sale! Gotta love that! I have also been browsing etsy this year. I love the look pillow case dresses but can not sew!! I like the idea of learning to sew but in all reality I have enough on my plate. So I rely on good friends (thank you Franne & April for all your help last year) and etsy.
After three days in a row of receiving packages from etsy sellers, Bailey asked me if her new dress was the  Etsy brand haha..why yes it is! Check out these sellers, they have super cute items and priced very well.

this dress is from the seller pinpricksandkisses, she has some of the cutest things. This dress also can be monogramed. I LOVE IT!!
(if you have never been on etsy, make sure to use the drop box and click shops, than enter pinpricksandkisses)

had to have this for DR Seuss's birthday! This is from
wicked cute kidz on etsy

this woodland theme is also our pre-k theme this year. I got Bailey the cute lil one with the blue polka dot bottom.
also from wicked cute kidz!

I don't know a lot about sewing or the cost of material but these were well worth it to me!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School Teacher Gifts

A couple weeks ago I began searching online for homemade teacher gifts. I could not get over all the cute ideas I saw. I am really excited about the couple I am working on for Bailey's teachers,  Mrs.Heather and Mrs.Belinda. I can't wait to post the "final product". I am hoping they turn out cute (fingers crossed)
Here are a couple more ideas I loved also:


Sunscholors-Free printable

Teacher Survival Kit


making this tomorrow for me :)

love, love, love this!


this was a pic for crazy hair day at school-how cute, you will see bailey's like this I can promise ha!
Tomorrow is my last day before our back to school trainings start (sad), ready to get back but have so sad to see my summer coming to an end, I have enjoyed my amazing summer with Jay and Bailey!