Tuesday, December 27, 2011

30 something....

I can not believe I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past week. I still remember the day I turned 21 sitting at the Lighthouse restaurant crying my eyes out thinking I was so old (what was I thinking?). I have to say I am enjoying my 30's, its funny how things become so much clearer the older I get. Here are a couple of things I know now that I wished  I would have known or listened to in my teens and early 20's
1. You will get your heart broken by the people closes to you but don't let it define you.
2. Mr.Right will not leave you crying more than you are laughing.
3.You will meet the "one", just not whenyou think
4. Don't try to impress the people who don't care.
5. Your real friends don't need you to impress them.
6. There is more to life than what the clubs and late nights have to offer.
7.Listen to your mom she really knows what you are going through.
8. People will lie straight to your face so always follow your gut.
9.True love will come to you in the shape of a 7lb baby girl with a head full of black hair!
There are many other things I have learned but the best things I have learned is
10. God is the one thing constant and he will never fail you!
I am so thankful for the 32 years God has givien me on this earth.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Savannah to celebrate my special day!

At The lady and sons, the one place I wanted to go! Thanks Jay for making it happen!

best food!

Bailey singing to me

making a wish!

at the hotel

she did this on her own!

Mr.Broker I made it!

this was so pretty

a short trip out to Tybee Island

my best friends!


True Florida Christmas tree

Love my family!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December wrapped up!

If I had one wish at this very moment, it would be for time to slow down! How can I be so far behind when I have had 364 days to prepare for Christmas. Between classroom projects and parties to gifts and crafts, I had so much I wanted to blog about this month, but if I don’t cram it all in to this blog (which I am writing at 1:30a.m as I wait for goodies to finish) I will be behind and I am afraid I may not catch up, so here goes! My month of December summed up in a few lines and some pics!
Our class gift, the kids passed these out to the office staff and wheel teachers 

Our christmas pics-Bailey's teachers sweet little sis!

our baby gingerbread writing activity (don't you just love the diaper!)

one of my sweet students invited us to watch her Christmas program, I had 5 of my past babies in it! They were all so precious!

Bailey sang like a champ in her Christmas prgram at school!

Her daddy made over!

pj party at school!

1st Grade Grinch Day! Love these ladies!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingerbread Shack!

What a lovely little idea-a gingerbread house!
I am sad to say that Bailey is 4 years old and we have not had the PLEASURE of putting one of these pretty little things togther, how horrible is that! Well that horrible trend in our life was coming to an end, tonight I decided this would be our little family project-What in the world was I thinking!!!! I guess for starters it may have went ok had I read the directions but who really reads those (besides the person who has the perfect gingerbread house). I did read the directions for the frosting, I made it according to the directions however it seemed to thick so I added just a tad bit more water..bad idea! I attempted to "paste" the home togther but my "paste" was to soft resulting in a minor quake to our home

I went back to the drawing board, read the directions got my gear in order and then I read the worst sentence I could imagine :Let it sit for 2-3 HOURS to dry, before decorating..what! My four year old was not having that, she was ready to decorate, so I did what every good mom would do, I  pulled out the blow dryer to "speed" up the time..nope the icing melted (duh) , so I did the next best thing..GLUE GUN!!!

Yep, I hot glued the whole house together...

we were finally ready to add the candy

bailey was so funny, this poor house looked horrible yet she took her sweet time making sure all the "details" were just perfect.

Jay got a kick out of the whole "process"

final result: our beautiful gingerbread shack!!!!

Oh well....maybe we will try again next year!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Girl and her Trophy!

Since the start of the season, there has been one thing on Bailey's mind, her trophy! She has talked about it like it is some precious jewel. I have never seen her so happy as to the moment Mrs.April handed her, her gold made of plastic trophy!! Right away she decided where to put it and as soon as we got home she placed it ever so gently on her dresser. I am so proud of all the kids, they played their little hearts out each Monday and Thursday and endured some seriously cold nights!
A big thank you to Mr. Adam for being our sponsor! We also had two really great coaches, Mrs.April and Mrs.Cayti!! We look forward to T-ball in February!
Super excited Daddy was able to make it out to the game

sweet girls

Add caption

Carsen out supporting the team on the last night!

Thankful for sweet teachers who go above and beyond for thier kids!

All Smiles!


love thier little hats!
Cutest bunch of Snots out there!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Revenge of the Snot Rockets.........

I am so proud of our little Snot Rockets. Those babies play their little hearts out at every game. Win or loose they have the most fun, on and off the field.

don't let those faces fool you, on the field they are little fireballs

it's silly face time


They love their pappy

who's ready to go play some soccer

Nanny, mommy and the little snot

you can't help but cheer for the othert team as well, especially this cute thang!

buddies on and off the field, we love ya Owen