Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pray for my baby!

Before the doctors came in :)

Today I took Bailey back to the doctor to get the results from her sleep study. I was informed that Bailey has a severe case of sleep apnea. She will have to have her tonsils removed and her adenoids as well. Although, she had her adenoids removed when she was 23months there is a chance they have grown back. Due to the severity of her sleep apnea, instead of the surgery being an outpatient procedure (like the majority of tonsillectomies) she will be admitted to Shands Hospital and will stay overnight for observation, this will determine if she will have to stay longer. Bailey is a pretty observant child and as the doctor began to explain the details of the surgery Bailey began crying, she is so scared, asking me all the way home when the surgery was going to take place. I told her it was going to be o.k. that this was her way of getting nothing but ice cream and jello! I know she will be fine but she is my baby and I try not to but I worry about everything she does. Please pray for god’s protection and peace over her and wisdom for her doctors.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Time!

Is it me or has summer flown by? I have less than a month to get Bailey ready for her “first full year” of school! She is so excited, to go back and see her teachers and play with all her friends. However before all that happens, we planned one last small vacation.
We decided we’d go back to Orlando since Bailey had so much fun at Downtown Disney.

During the days we lived by the pool, Bailey had a blast in the pools but she especially loved the splash park.

I knew it wouln't be long till she crashed out!

 She actually fell asleep eating!

While at Downtown we took Bailey to see Toy Story 3, this was only Bailey’s 2nd time at the theaters and I am not sure watching it in 3D was the best way for her, she didn’t understand why things were coming at her! She ending up taking her glasses off half way through the movie!

That coke your looking at 5.50! What! When did movies get so expensive!!!

If you have not seen this movie, go watch it! Jay is still making fun of me that I got all teary eyed but it was such a cute movie.



My two favorite people!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time to sleep little Bailey!

So, last night Jay, Bailey and I packed our bags and got ready for a fun filled night at .....
"The Shands Sleep Center". Far cry from a family vacation but hey we were all together! Bailey was so excited to stay at the "hotel", that is until she realized she would be hooked to multiple wires. She is a champ though and this morning she got a special My little Pony treat!!! Here are a couple of pics from the night and after this post I am headed to bed! Jay and Bailey are already passed out on the couch. It was a long night!
* I do want to add that we had the best nurses, the entire staff was so sweet!!!

Sweet dreams and goodnight day!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The end of the day....

Well it is some where around 11, I think??? Not really sure, but dishes are washed, house is clean and the last guest has left! We had such a great time, despite the not so good weather. Here are some pictures from the night!
First the food,
-Hamburger Cookies-
I found these online last night and had to make them.Of course mine do not look as good as the original picture I found but this was my first attempt. They are simple to make and Bailey had a blast helping. To make, you will need vanilla wafers (hamburger buns) thin mint cookies (hamburger) white icing (mayo) red icing (ketchup) and green icing (lettuce). No baking involved :)
These were some of the cupcakes we did. I found these cute little labels online at , she always has really cute downloads and lots of them are FREE! All I had to do was print them and then i used my SU scallpop punch and hot glued them to toothpicks.
These is a glimpse at the table before all the food came out, we had to set up inside due to all the rain!
Bailey and I in our Red, White and Blue!
As the rain began to pour I jumped online and began printing up crafts, I thought with 7 kids in the house I better have soemthing for them to do or our house would be turned upside down. The kids had fun, we made a star necklace (Bailey above coloring her necklace), colored watermelon pictures and did a 4th of July word search.
Here is Bailey with my mom (nanny)
Bailey eating watermelon.
Love this!
just looks like a bunch of smoke!
Me, mom and Bailey
I am waiting for Wendy to send me her pics and I will post more, I was so busy running around all night and she was so sweet to get lots of pics with her camera! Well I am sure it is getting late and I'm about to crash! Goodnight and I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and is able to spend their day with family and friends! I am so thankful to all the service women and men for what they are doing for our country! God bless you!!!

Today Jay, Bailey, and I are hosting what looks to be our last 4th of July party at our home :( As most of you know Jay was promoted during my spring break and we have to relocate for his job. Our new place is almost finished, the builders have been working hard looks like we are just waiting for inspections! We decided to put together a small get together with family, friends and neighbors. I will post pictures later of the activities but wanted to share some pictures I took of Bailey a couple weekends ago in the field beside our home.

I just think Bailey is so stinkin' cute, but I am her mother!
  I am going to look for the pictures from previous years to show you just how much she has grown!
My flower child!
Try getting a three year old to pose by a tree and this is what happens. Even in her little cute dress and shoes, she proves just how much of a tomboy she is! She makes her daddy so proud!
!!!!!!HAPPY 4TH!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hobby Lobby here we go.....

Last night I got a call from my good friend Martine inviting Bailey and I to Hobby Lobby. This has to be on my list of top 5 places to shop. I love this store! Martine and the kids showed up at my house at 7o'clock, we loaded up the kids and off we went! Of course we only made it Williston when one of the kids had to go to the bathroom, thank god for CVS.
Once we were back loaded.....
it was off to Ocala. Once in the store it didn't take long for the kids to begin entertaining themselves. Seriously, each aisle we went down Bailey, Austin and Sidney found something to get into. Don’t believe me, take a look....

Once we saw Austin trying on dresses, it was time to check out! We had such a good time today. Martine thank you so muchh for the invite!!!! I have to throw in that today was also the first day I was able to see the new house we are getting. Be praying for us, hopefully the move will happen before I go back to work in August!

One more exciting note, as if this day could get any sister in law gave birth today to a beautiful, sweet baby girl! I am so excited to have Avery here with us!!!!
Get to see her tomorrow, will be posting pics!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Disney World

First, let me start by saying when I decided to begin posting,  I had all intentions of at least writing 3-4 times a week. Well, that has not happend! With this being said I am excited to say today was my last day of work!!!! Hooray!!! I have exactly 4 weeks until trainings begin and school starts back. I am so excited and hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more and figure this whole thing out.........
Now back to Mickey, Fathers day weekend Bailey and I surprised Jay with a weekend at one of the Disney Resort Hotels. I know it was Fathers Day not Bailey day, but believe me anything that puts a smile on ol' Bailey Reeses' face, makes her Daddy happy.
Once we checked in, (here we are in the room, jay looks so happy, right?) got everything unpacked we headed for Downtown Disney. I had never been but my good friend Wendy brags about this place all the time so I had to check it out. As we entered the gates Bailey began clapping her hands she was so excited to see.....
a princess!
Bailey just had to take her picture with the princess ,don't you just love the way she is holiding her dress!   
Next stop was Mr. Potato Heads shop!

then the lego shop....This girl was built totally out of lego's, I was super impressed.

  Next we went to board the big hot air balloon, however that for uncertain reasons did not happen, so we took some fun photos. I love this picture because it really looks as though Bailey is holding the hot air balloon!Well sorta!

How cute is this....and the big elephant!

I forgot to mention the best part of this trip, if you have ever been to down town disney then you know its free and all though yes there are tons of stores and yes you could spend lots of $$$$. Each shop has something free you can do. There were so many fun acivities I fell in love with this spot!  But back t the best part, Bailey thought the whole time she was at Disney World! I laugh because we never told her that, but she saw Mickey everywhere and just assumed it was Disney, hey who am I to break her heart. We are going to ride this train until she gets a bit older and we have to break out the big bucks for the real Disney!