Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahoy, Ahoy it's a boy!

Franne, Kim M, Ashley, Kim P, Me

Ahoy, Ahoy, Ashley is having aboy! I was so honored to be able to be a part of baby Will's baby shower, myself along with 3 wonderful ladies put together what we thought to be a pretty good shower. Will's room decor will be a  nautical theme by Pottery Barn Kids, it was a no brainer that that would be our decor as well for the shower. After scouring etsy for invitation and toppers we were set.

The rest just came to us, we had such a good time and Ashley and Will were blesses with many wonderful gifts. We are so excited to see him and hopes he comes soon!
Kim's lantern she stole from her mom!

loved the fish in the fish bowl!

Sweedish Fish
Heavenly Ham..YUMMY

Food table. Picked this table cloth up at target (only 9.99) for Dr.Seuss party in January, it worked perfect for this setting too!

Shower timing was perfect for decor-we used lots of 4th of july decor that Kim was able to get 75% off at Michaels, good job KIm!

Franne's pasta was amazing!

thank you Franne for driving in at 1 inthe morning to make these for us!!

Baby basket I made for Will, would love to take credit but idea came from Jay's cousin. She makes these for the kids and I love them!
Two cute girls!
silly girls
By far my favorite part of the shower. We printed off an ABC coloring book, each person was given a page with a letter on it. They colored the page and signed it. We collected all the pages and I am taking it to Office Max to be bound, a special gift for baby Will. His first ABC book from all his mommy's friends
Ashley & Kim
Wendy, Stephanie, and Ashley
grandparents coloring their pages!

Party favors, made using cricut cartridge "going places".


Me and Ashley
I love ya Ashley!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Sweet..........

I can not believe it is July and I am already planning Bailey's 5th birthday which isn't until March. It's insane but I love it. with that total random thought out there...when I came home today I began thinking about Bailey's last 4 parties and how much fun I had planning them. I started going through pictures of her 3rd birthday, themed Sweet Shoppe! As many of you know I am in love with with TomKat Studio, for the past two years I have used her products for Bailey's parties (and lots of other parties) and have been so pleased. If you are looking to do a candy party, visit her Etsy Shop. I knew the moment I saw this party I had to have it, I actually began planning it a month after Bailey's first party. See Kim, the designer of tomkat (named after her two kids, Tommy and Kate) has a daughter who's birthday falls right around Baileys. So when she would  post her parties for that year, I would plan Bailey's for the following. I know it is crazy and no I am not stalking her (smile)  Her ideas are just so great and the presentation of her parties make it hard to resist. My party no way compared to her daughters but I was totally pleased with it. Bailey had a blast and the kids..well lets just say they were loving all that candy!!!
Here are some pics from our day March 16, 2010.........
Bailey, Presely & Ainslee in there Candy shirts!

Bubble gum party favor (walmart 1.00)

Cupcakes, toppers read- Bailey, 3, b & Bailey's sweet shoppe

more this pic

Braley girl in her bubble gum shirt

Birthday Girl!!

Lollipop party favors (1.00 Dollar Store)

Carlee, love that smile!

dipped marshmellows

My friend at work made me these really cute tags for the "candy bar" setting!!

My homemade sign that kept blowing away!!

one of the "favor" tables

another shot of those cupcakes!!

Braley was thinking something I am sure!

some really good friends!

Kinsey in her candy shirt

another treat at the candy bar

Jay and I ...the best husband out there.

can't get enough of those cupcakes!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working Wednesday!

My friend Kim introduced me to the best thing since slice bread, I am so excited about this "adhesive vinyl" for the cricut.

I know it has been around for awhile but I am always the last to see, hear or do anything!
 With that being said,  I love pottery barn kids personalized buckets,I can not get enough of these, but my wallet can't handle the price right now, so I decided to create one.
I found at Michaels a red tin, which was considered a 4th of July products, it was marked down 75%!
 I paid  3.00 for the bucket and  Kim gave me some vinyl!  For basically nothing, I have a cute bucket to help me stay organized, for my desk at work!



We also were getting ready for a baby shower  Kim and I alomg with some other friends are hosting this weekend, can you guess the theme??? Yes, it's a nautical theme and I am so excited. I will post more pics later but this is what we accomplished today, mini party favors.

I also was getting ready for back to school today, I was so happy when I got my latest issue of  Parenting Magazine,  TomKat was featured and  she was giving away a free gnome template (along with 4 other cute party templates). This was perfect for our woodland theme this school year.
 I will have these along with other goodies displayed for our back to school parent night.

This cute little bunny I made as a template for Mrs.Heather, she is Bailey's sweet teacher. We love her, we are already trying to get on her good side :) These were also free over at Check her out, she is an amazing party planner.

We also made lots of M&M goodies but those will not be posted for a couple of days, we have to get packed up for our trip to Sea World, YIPPIE!!!

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yes, I'm addicted to crafting!

I am so excited about this upcoming school year I can barely contain myself! With school comes more crafting fun, back to school teacher gifts (its good for Bailey to start out on the right foot, ha), student/parent gift (can't wait to post these!!), co=worker gifts. Yes thats a lot of gifts, but oh the fun I will have making them!
 Its 12:10 (a.m) and my floor is covered in craft supplies, I seriously have 10 projects I am working on at the same time. See here is the problem with blogging, I find myself finding to many "ideas" and I feel the need to do them all. I have said it 100 times and I will say it again, I LOVE CRAFTING AND ALL THINGS THAT GO WITH IT! So what am I working on tonight....

basket for a baby shower I am helping with this weekend, yes its the middle of the night and I was spray painting! I love you Ashley F you know I don't like the dark ha!

Will's gift basket, just have to glue on the anchor and fill with nautical goodie!!

just made this, super easy less than 5.00. Supplies all from my fav place HOBBY LOBBY!

been collecting starbucks bottles (apparently this is the rave on blog bday party land, simply peel off label use a little goo gone to get the "goo" off and spray paint lid. An inexpensive gift box.  In some way maybe I made the earth a bit greener :)

love my owl babies, they will each sit on an end of  my cothesline in class

our lil' foxes for the outside wall for parent night, the boys have lil' bow ties!!

Thats it right now, my camera card is full! I'll be posting more tomorrow. I have a crafty for everyday till school starts back..lets see how much I will get done !! Oh starbucks, I need you!!!

Good night sleep tight, I'll be crafting through the night!!