Monday, February 28, 2011

House Party!!!

The past week or so seems like it just flew by! Why is it that the older I get my days,weeks, months and years seem to get shorter??Especially since I had Bailey, I can not believe in 2 weeks she will celebrate her 4th birthday!  Back to the post...
With all that has been going on I have not been able to blog, hopefully I will catch up this week. I did want to share real quick a great Its a website that offers free products in hope you and your friends upon trying the product will want to go out and buy it, once you sign up on their site you can register to host certain parties. Its basically a site that  gives you and your friends free stuff and then you strings attached. I have been a member for a little over a year, I have won some cool parties (once you register to host a certain party/product you like, they choose the first however many participants they need) (did I mention the party packs are packed with great coupons!!). I slacked off during our recent move but registered for a party a Zatarain rice party a couple of weeks ago, rice is a staple at my house!! Anyways, the party pack came in today, take a look:

The pack came with:
1 box Zatarain Jambalaya Mix
1 Box Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice Mix
1 bottle if Zatarain's Creaole Mustard
1 bottle Zatarain's Creole Seasoning
1 bottle Zatarain Rootbeer extract
4 Free Coupons for Zatarain meals
30 Zatarains money off coupons for guest
1 Tote bag
1 Mardi Gras Menu
4 Mardi Gras Recipe Cards
15 Mardi Gras Mask
45 Mardi Gras Bead Necklaces

You use all the free stuff to put togther a party to show off the product, I am going to make mine for some of the girls at work, well at leasthe girls who are not afriad to try my cooking  ha!
I just wanted to share, go over and try its lots of fun! However if you win a party...remember me for the guest list!!!
Good Night..

Hopefully my week will slow down,
Future Blogs:
How Many Stores Can you Hit in 2.5 Hours with 2 Kids??
Dr.Seuss Treat Bags
St Patrick Day Printables

Pray for Kate

If you have time please visit this website, It is  a blog written by the mother of Kate McRae, a little girl suffering from cancer. Please add Kate to your prayer list at church!!
This little girl has touched my life, she is so brave and it is amazing to hear a child as young as her, express her faith in God, she believes God will heal her as do I, please pray with us!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling the love!!

~Valentine's 2011~

I loved Valentine's Day this Year! Not that I normally don't but there was something extra special this year having Bailey at school. She was so cute and sweet handing out her cards, it was so sweet to be able to watch her in class having fun! We also had a great time in our class! I love, love, love my job. I have the most amazing group of kids and the best parents ! No I am not just saying that because half of you will see this bog :) It is the truth. I will be loosing the majority of my kids this year as they promote to kindergarten, its sad because I had most of them as three year olds and you really build a bond with not only the kids but the families as well. This group is unique in the sense that they are so incredibly close, everyone loves everyone and I love it!!! O.k. , back to Valentine's Day...we asked each kid with there parents to design a Valentine's box out of a shoebox, it is always so neat to see what they come up with. I love how each box described the kids, let me explain..
My sweet little Carsen, always styling and always wearing something purple or pink and sometimes both! It was only right that her box come decked out in all these colors oh and don't forget the stampin up embellishments, sister girl is a future stampin up out Mrs. Char!

Next up Mrs. Braley can't say one with out the other!! Her can I actually tried to take, how cute is this?? It would look so cute in Bailey's room and I would only have to replace a few letters!! Braley's can is her all over, she is my little fancy Nancy of the class. Braley is always sporting the latest styles of dresses, matching tights, matching hair bows and a build a bear to complete the outfit. This frilly bucket is screaming Braley Hines!!!

Next up Ms. Caroline- If you know Caroline's mom (Franne) you know she is about as creative as Martha Stewart if not more. How she came up with this idea I do not know but would you ever believe this Valentine's box was at one point supplies that consisted of a shoebox, a paper towel roll, a skewer and a piece of foam? So why is this box Caroline, well Caroline is our entertainment for the class to say the least, not only is she super sweet and polite she is the best story teller out there. Her stories are a part of what keeps me smiling through the day, and when you look at her box you can't help but grin. Side note: Caroline's mom made her stinking cute..even made Bailey one :)

Here is Waylon, country boy to a T! Cameo jacket and boots just about everyday, I know his daddy is proud! It was only right that he have a camouflage box as well and yes I have to give his mother some credit too, you can not see inside the blind but there is a little man sitting on a bucket but little man some how lost his head (not sure in a house with two boys under 5 how that could happen???) so super mom crystal came to the rescue, she cut a piece of paper about 1'to be exact, folded it over the neck of the headless man and made him a cameo mask!! Hooray mom for saving the day!

Here is Zibe with his "Love Machine Robot" Oh yea this is Zibe all the way! Our little ladies man of the class. All the little girls fight over him, everyone wants to be his partner during morning song, everyone wants to sit by him and lord everyone wants to pick the center he is in!! His mommy is also very creative how cute are those arms???

Last but not least my little farmer! This boy is ALL BOY!!, of course he had to have some sort of machinery.Not only is Gabe ones of the sweetest kids I have ever met but he is also very smart especially when it comes to farming! he may be young but ask him about gardening or what you need to build a fence, how to fix a tractor and he will tell you! This was such a super cute creative are my parents!!!

There are so many more cute boxes I will post later, everyone put lots of time into these !! More pics from
 our day:

pizza was a bit late but hey they didn't mind digging into the desserts!
Ashley, Braley Hines and Mrs. Marsha
3 Generations!!
Crystal with her cutie pie boys..

Wendy and ol' Brett Brett!
Me and Caroline

Bailey with her little Who loves You Owl! Check out her box in the back ground it mathched her cute!! Thanks Crystal for the fabric box idea!!!

With all that was going on I didn't get a single picture of Bailey and I !! I was so upset, her first class valentine's party and I drop the ball!!
Well I hope everyone had a great day filled with lots of love!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

To the best 5 years!

Our favorite game!!
Friday, Jay and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. As the people close to us know, we never  leave Bailey. Bailey goes every where we go, no date nights, no days away..she is literally my shadow. However, after almost 4 years we thought some adult time would be good. Not that we don't enjoy her, lord she is our life !
We headed down to Jay's parents on Friday after work, his mom was excited to watch Bailey and had many activities planned out. Bailey was having such a blast that she didn't realize nor care that we were headed out . We went to a great Japanesse steak house and afterwards went to Hard Rock! Oh my talk about fun, I was good there but see how someone could get a little carried away. Jay and I actually walked out with money in our pockets. We had a lot of fun, something I am sure all three of us needed!
5 of the best years of my life!

crazy picture it was rainy, wet and cold!

Grandma with the girls painting bird houses

Lauren loving on Bailey!

5 second later she crashed down the driveway!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Cards

After taking Bailey to the doctor yesterday for a precautionary flu swab, which I must add came back negative, we discovered Bailey had a case of strep throat! Although my child has bounced off the wall today, we had to take the day off since she needed to be on her antibiotic for 24 hours per doctors order before heading back to school. Of course the teacher in me had to put sister girl to work! I am kidding, she loves it. I told her we should take the time while we were not to rushed and complete her valentine cards. She was so eager to write them out but I figured she would get tired or bored before they were completed. To my surprise she wrote out all the names. I say all the names as if she has a hundred kids in her class but come on guys she is three and 14 kids seemed like a lot :). Her handwriting makes me smile, I even noticed on one of the little girls names she drew a heart over her I.
Man I am really going to miss these moments:

The cute heart on Sanaiya's name!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011