Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's Five!

Another birthday party for Miss Bailey has came and went and ask myself the same question afterwards each year …“What were you thinking buying all that stuff?”. I am not talking about the gifts, but the hundred decorations that I never seem to use (mostly because I forget I have them). If you read my blogs you know that around Christmas I found the most amazing deal on a vintage gumball machine, well I forgot all about it and its still in the box. The invites that took me weeks to make..yep got all those too! The stack of Dick and Jane books my sweet friend gave me the day before the party…yeah forgot about those too! It didn’t help that I (yes I take full responsibility) decided to move her party this year back to our Chiefland home in hopes it would make it easier on all her friends with traveling. I didn’t realize what I had just put on Jay and I, you would have thought the Clampets were traveling by the look of our trailer. We hauled our entire house over for the party, Jay about beat me and I have to say I about beat my own self. I enlisted the help of my sister n law and some good friends to help prepare food an decorate, considering we hauled everything including my handy dandy glue gun decorating was great until my husband realized I was hot gluing to our walls! Everything turned out cute and Bailey had a blast with her little friends-
Bithday Girl

Uncle Jason and Bailey born exactly 25 years apart


Fabulous cake by Carrie Petrello!

Loved all the olds books  found
reinvented starbucks bottles

Russel Trio

Party Favors

Aunt Wendy and Ashley

1st Grade Smarties!
Everybody loved the treat box!

Sack Race!

Baby R Update:

To say things have been a bit crazy the past couple of weeks would be an understatement. I have been sick 24/7 and can’t seem to shake it. Whoever invented the term “morning sickness”, obviously didn’t go through what I am dealing about all-day long even in your sleep sickness, yep that a good name to me. I have missed work, spent weekends in the bed and have had on my sweet 5 year old take care of me. I have tried B6, acupressure bracelets, ginger gum and have switched to gummy style prenatal vitamins and have even tried the BRAT (Bread, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) diet it hasn’t seem to cure the all-day long even in your sleep sickness However with that being said it’s all worth it. I can not wait to hold Baby R and wrap her/him up in my arms. I am scheduled for my 2nd doc visit and 1st ultrasound March 20! Keep us in your prayers!!