Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Pink!

It looks as though there is lots more pink in our future. Jay, Bailey and I found out yesterday that we are expecting another little Russel girl. I am so excited, I kept LOTS of Bailey's clothes and I am itching to drag them down and indulge myslef in "pink frill"!
We had went back and forth as to find out the boy/girl, but the closer it got to my ultrasound, I needed to know. We did not find out with Bailey and although it was an awesome surprise, I did not want to go down the whole "neutral" world, I wanted lots of pink or lots of blue!
I asked not to be told while back in the ultrasound room due mainly to fact thay Bailey was unable to come back and therefore Jay had to sit out in lobby with her. The tech was so sweet and sealed the results in an envelope for us to open later. Bailey later opened the envelope and read us the results. Her exact words "Well..long pause... I think it says it's a girl??? I quickly grabbed the pic and yep, its a girl.
We had told noone of our appointment so it was a huge surprise to everyone we called. I had my sweet brother bring my mom lots of pink balloons with one that said its a girl-he stood outside her work while I called her and had her walk out and see the surprise. It took her second to realize what they meant, ha!  She quickly dropped the phone hugging my brother as I am on the line screaming, "It's me, I am having a girl!
Everyone is so excited and I cannot wait till October to hold my sweet baby girl.
*On a side note- I gave Bailey a big talk about how she will always be my #1 girl and how special she is and everything else that goes with preparing your 5 year old for another child. I like to have fell down when she looked at me and said with a bit of sas I may add,  "Great, are you calling Baby R chopped liver?" She is a mess!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

She's a beauty!

Bailey has been begging and I mean begging for a couple years now to be in a pageant. For those of you who know her daddy, you know his answer has been a big fat N-O. However, after years of her batting her eyes, he finally gave in. Now the mom side of me kicked in high gear explaining that even if you don't win you are the most beautiful girl and how much her daddy and I love her, with the heart to heart talk going on she looks at me like I am insane and says "Mom I don't care if I don't win cause we can just buy me a crown later"! With that being said I knew she was in it for fun and we were all good!
Bailey blew us all away at how confident she was when she came out, she took to that stage as if she had done it all her life. We couldn't quit laughing as she made sure even when the announcer was trying to get her attention that she got all her "poses" in that Mrs. April had taught her!
I am so thankful to my sweet freind April Akins who got Bailey all ready while I was in Jacksonville on a field trip!

She is her daddy made over

Bailey and her sweet friend Sophia
So very sweet to have Jay's parents drive up from Land O'Lakes

Bailey was thrilled, she won 2nd runner-up

Easter 2012

Daddy and Bailey

Family Photo
3 Months Pregnant!

and she's off