Sunday, January 29, 2012

Operation GSD, Accomplished-----

Operation Get Something Done was my ultimate goal today! Lord knows I have spent more time this week locked up inside a car and unfortunatly my house had paid the dear price for it. I couldn't handle it no more, after staying up till 1, grading papers and working on Valentines, I got some much needed rest Friday night. Before I hit the bed I made a list of all the things that needed to be completed. I am proud to say that I was able to scratch at least 4 items off! We took a break from the "projects" to attend the cutest little paper doll birthday party, Bailey's sweet friend Ella B. turned 5 years old!!
 Here is a recap of our Saturday:
made our 100's day project. After a night at Mrs.Heathers "farm" I knew we had to make a cow. I went between Holy Cow and Moo-ving through Pre-K..Holy Cow won!

made my first pinterest dish-low carb snack
I cleaned my closet!

No a tornado didn't pass through our home, I hate to say this but I tend to be a bit crazy in the mornings when it comes to what I am going to wear!

Birthday Party Fun!

My next investment, love this drink dispencer from Pottery Barn

Ella's beautiful favor display

Beautiful cupcakes with fabric toppers

continued through the night making these! 
made class valentines, thank you Hobby Lobby!
Now to get ready for our busy dress up week.:
Monday- country music star
Tuesday-80's rock

Can't wait to post these pics!!! Enjoy your week, I know we will!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling a bit dusty

Today while driving home (and not feeling well I should I add) Bailey tells me that I look a bit dusty. Dusty? I said, she proceeds to inform me that, the older you get the more you look like dust and one day I will just be a pile of dust and she will miss me. What in the world?! I said to her, to which she replies "Mom you did watch Tangle, didn't you?Ok so now her story makes a bit more sense but since I am already feeling the 30 blues I  am now looking into a couple of things that may help me not turn into dust !


A tummy tuck

and of course some Pledge!

No more dust on this body!!

I love you Bailey Reese, even if you give me a complex!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dick & Jane, where are you?

In less then two months my little baby girl will become a big 5 year old! She is so excited about her special day as so am I. We are having a vintage school party based around some of her favorite Dick and Jane books. Here is the problem though, each year I have seen cute parties and basically took what I saw and built upon it. This year I let her pick the theme, and now,  I cannot find a single party that really goes with what I want. I cannot even find Dick and Jane invites! I am a bit stressed because at this point I am usually done with the whole party except of course the minor details that come on party day.
 This year I am still trying to figure out what to do, with that being said I am reaching out to my blog friends. If you have any ideas or know of sites that may sell invites please let me know.
 Her color scheme is pink and blue,this is what I have so far:

scrapbook paper, I loved the vintage feel this gave off

random collection
thrift stores, hobby lobby and of course TJ MAXX

possible favor idea? spray painted baby food jar, maybe it needs a ribbion? any ideas for other candy that may go better?

My steal! Dillards 59.99 on sale after christmas, I picked it up for 15.00!!!

I found this vintage dress at a thrift store-thought of having some vintage girl clothes on a line??

Ok send me some ideas!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Great to be .....

..........a Florida Gator!

Sunday, Jay and I along with Bailey (of course) ventured out to our first meet and greet with the Gator girl gymnastic team. I didn't really know what to expect but what I didn't expect is to arrive an hour early to get good seats only to see a line wrapped around the building! Looking back it was worth the wait for sure, but at that moment I wondered what were we thinking!

We were blessed to get to sit extremly close and Bailey loved being able to sit so close and watch the girls perform. We scooted out a bit early to get in line to get our autographs and Bailey couldn't contain herself. She was jumping everywhere and when we got up to meet the team Bailey was not shy at all! She told them all about how she was going to one day be a Gator girl (poor kid has as much grace as her mommy), and was really happy as they began autographing her poster. We were able to also watch our 1st Gator Girl Basketball game, which I loved! Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden, on a side note, Bailey tried calamari and loved it! Of course she thinks it was just chicken..Im not going to tell her the truth! I know, Im horrible, but she is just so picky I couldn't do it!

Our little family had such a wonderful day, I love knowing that what ever the world is thorwing at me, no matter who turns their back on me, my family is here to stay!

Here's a recap of our orange and blue day!

Love her

humm..wonder who she looks like more, me or jay??

getting her hairbow

Bailey just loved her!

sweet girls@

more pics to is so slow!!!!! anyone else have problems uploading pics!??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

L is for Love!

I am so thankful for the many holidays we are blessed with! I just love crafting, it is my addiction. Now that the HTC (Halloween, Thanksgving, Christmas) holidays are behind me I can put all my time in to Bailey's 5th birthday. I am super excited about this one, it has been in the "planning mode" since the day after her 4th birthday. Am I the only one that does this? Anyways, the theme is a Vintage Dick and Jane school party with a pink and blue color scheme. Although I am so excited about her party, I am thrilled that Valentines Day is just around the corner. All holidays are my favorite but I just love V day, everyone seems so sweet on this day!
With the help of Etsy and Pinterest you can't help but have some cute Valentines, the problem though, how do you choose??? I love them all and have thought of making one of each! Crazy?
Here are a couple I found on Pinterest, I am working on Baileys so I will post those later.

Add caption

There are so many more and I will post these soon as well!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Possibilities

Happy New Year!!!
I can not believe it is 2012, each day seems to come and go so quickly now. I really enjoyed all the things 2011 brought and look forward to the upcoming year. I am crossing my fingers that this is the year our house FINALLY sells. We are coming up on two years that we have had it on the market and boy is it hard to pay on something you are not living in! 2012 will also bring some happy tears, see this is the year Bailey will turn 5 and enter Kindergarten. I don't know why but I am really sad about this, she is growing up and I just want time to freeze! Bailey is such a joy to our lives and I thank God every night when I go to bed that he blessed me with her. You can imagine the smile that came across our faces the other night when she informed Jay and I that she knew us when she was in heaven and asked God if he would let her be our kid. She comes up with so many things and I wished I could be better at writing them down. Hey, maybe that could be my new year's resolution? Am I the only one that really doesn't put much focus on that (new Y res)? I kinda keep the same one every year "Make the most of each day" I feel that is really important because life seems so short and regrets or wished I would haves are not something I want in my life.
Jay decided to do a NYR, his is not to eat black liquorice. My comment to that was "you don't eat it now", his comeback "I know, its one I will be able to keep! He is a nut but I love him! Bailey said her NYE is to go to the butterfly museum, guess I will have to make that one happen!
I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and an even better New Year! 2012 hold so many possibilities and I look forward to them all.
Russel Family bringing in the New Year, Happy 2012!!!!

Uncle Jason, Bailey, Aunt Nikki

Lauren, Aunt Jules, Bailey and Sarah Bear

Daddy and his girl

Mommy and her girl

New Years day dinner

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Toys = More Buckets

Christmas came and went, and we were left with the aftermath! Bailey was beyond blessed this Christmas. She asked Santa for one lallaloopsy doll but I am thinking there was some sort of mix-up and the North Pole because she ended up with close to 10 lallaloopsy dolls/accessories. Not at all that she is complaining nor am I, but let me just say that Target will see us 1st thing Tuesday morning to pick up some buckets to put all this in!

We were running around crazy this year, driving straight from our Savannah trip to my mom's for Christmas on the 23rd. which was a wonderful time. I don't get to see my family as much as I would like so its extra special when we can all get together. From moms we drove home an 1hr and 1/2 away to unpack and repack to head to Jay's parents for Christmas eve Christmas with his family. His sister hosted this year and it was really nice, good food and good company!

Christmas morning Bailey woke up to find that Santa had ate two cookies but only drank 1/2 of his milk (yes, she pointed this out first thing). We had such a good time watching her open her gifts, he eyes sparkling the entire time with the biggest grin on her face! I loved that no matter what she was opening, a pair of socks or her lallaloopsy doll, that she said thank you and was excited over them all. After all was over she gives Jay and I the biggest hug and said "Momma y'all are the best parents"!

My sweet brother built this for mom so the girls would have a place to play!
I love these girls!

Santa was hungry
Apparently pink was a popular color this Christmas

December brought so many great memories! I can't wait to share our other adventures, hopefully I will get them posted soon!

Happy New Year and God Bless!!!