Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trimming the Pine Trees!

So we are half way through the week and only two days till payday! I am excited it has been 7 weeks! Insane huh? Gotta love being a teacher. Today has been a really great day, it was early release and I actually got to pick my little bai up early. She was so happy to see me and couldn't wait to go home and play onher "playground". Yea it consist of two swings and a slide, but hey she's happy. Well while I was out there I decided to trim up the trees. Someone should have told me that trimming pine trees is insanly hard (Insanly-is this a word?) Anyways what use to be pine trees to the ground (5) pretty little christmas shaped trees now look like palm trees. Thank god it is dark now and Jay will not be able to see. I even hid the evidence back behind a fence..not that when he mowes the lawn he won't see but it gives me a little time to come up with a reason I took his NEW axe out and cut pine trees. I actually think it looks good and when my friend Ms. ASHLEY HINES decided to help me learn this whole "blogging thing I will post some pics. Well more news tomorrow. By the way I am beginning to kind of like my new car, still missing the SUV but 7 days driving and still half close to 1/2 a tank, can't complain there!


Hines House said...

You know Bay-Monster misses a beat about like 'ole Ba-ines. I hope those two will learn how to keep secrets before the teen years.... if not that might stay in a little bit of trouble.

Russel Ramblings said...

I am not sure if either of us should have another child. I think these two are about 4 kids wrapped in one body! Baiely wants to know why Braley Hines won't come see her???

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