Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mommy & Daughter Day!

So today I decided to give this whole "lets cut out coupons" idea a try, this seems to be the new fad at my school (started by Tanya and Ashley) so I had my sweet hubby go out and grab the sunday paper. So with a coffee in my hand (as always) I began scouting the ads. At first nothing, and then nothing and then wow .75 off crest toothpaste, .75 of trix yogurt (which was already B1G1 at Publix) I began to have fun I cut out so many coupons, of course only a third of what I would buy but I was in the mood. With Bailey in tow we set off to G-ville. I had already planned on getting Bailey's valentines done so we headed to picture people first. Now if you go in there you know they are going to take 100's of amazing shots, but I was in such a mood to save, that I pulled out my lil' coupon (12 photo cards + an 8x10= 12.00) and  $12.84 later I was out . Next was gymboree only for a return, switched out bailey's outfit for  anew gator line too cute. Sales lady "Are you sure you don't want to shop around and earn some gymbucks? Nope, I am in the mood to save! Next was the gap. Got Bailey a cute Bee Mine Valentine shirt marked down to 11.99 plus I had a 10.00 off coupon! I was doing good. I didn't even tempt myself, left the mall right away and headed to publix. I did great buying a lot of the  B1G1 items and of course using my handy dandy coupons. Final outcome.....saving of  51.73!!! I am so excited. The most important thing I forgot to mention is my husband bet me 100.00 I could not go in picture people buying only the I actual made money on this shopping trip, gotta love mommy and daughter days!!!!


Crystal said...

Wow!! Sounds like you did hit some good deals! I try really hard but it seems like I don't buy the things that I have coupons for. Oh well, I'll still keep trying!

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