Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Pink!

It looks as though there is lots more pink in our future. Jay, Bailey and I found out yesterday that we are expecting another little Russel girl. I am so excited, I kept LOTS of Bailey's clothes and I am itching to drag them down and indulge myslef in "pink frill"!
We had went back and forth as to find out the boy/girl, but the closer it got to my ultrasound, I needed to know. We did not find out with Bailey and although it was an awesome surprise, I did not want to go down the whole "neutral" world, I wanted lots of pink or lots of blue!
I asked not to be told while back in the ultrasound room due mainly to fact thay Bailey was unable to come back and therefore Jay had to sit out in lobby with her. The tech was so sweet and sealed the results in an envelope for us to open later. Bailey later opened the envelope and read us the results. Her exact words "Well..long pause... I think it says it's a girl??? I quickly grabbed the pic and yep, its a girl.
We had told noone of our appointment so it was a huge surprise to everyone we called. I had my sweet brother bring my mom lots of pink balloons with one that said its a girl-he stood outside her work while I called her and had her walk out and see the surprise. It took her second to realize what they meant, ha!  She quickly dropped the phone hugging my brother as I am on the line screaming, "It's me, I am having a girl!
Everyone is so excited and I cannot wait till October to hold my sweet baby girl.
*On a side note- I gave Bailey a big talk about how she will always be my #1 girl and how special she is and everything else that goes with preparing your 5 year old for another child. I like to have fell down when she looked at me and said with a bit of sas I may add,  "Great, are you calling Baby R chopped liver?" She is a mess!


Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I love it! congratulations!!!

Tania said...

Congratulations!! Bailey will love having a sister.

Connie Russell said...

Ok, so I am thinking if I have a boy our kids have it made and will be destined to be soul mates and all your little girl has to do is add an L to her last name. haha.
SO SO SO Happy and excited for you all and also it just makes me that much more excited to find out what we will be having in July.

Charley said...

I am glad I turned on my computer! Although, your amazing news is already making it's way through the TES student population. Ansley told me in the car today, apparently she overheard you talking--more than once, she's not even in your class! I am super excited and praying for healthy baby GIRL and content and peaceful family.

Crystal said...

How exciting! I love that Bailey is already sticking up for her sister ;)

Heather Dixon said...

Congratulations! My Loren was an only child until she was 5 1/2. Her brothers have been a huge blessing for her...she adores them. I'm sure Bailey will adjust well and be a great helper and big sister! :)

Carrie said...

I am so behind, but thrilled for you! Bailey will be a great big sister, no doubt :)

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