Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow Days

Monday we headed up to Tennessee to see Jays grandmother. We were so excited when we pulled up into her yard to see snow everywhere! Bailey was so excited, after eating some lunch with the family we put on a snow suit and headed out the doors. Jays Aunt DD pulled out a sled for us and that was it, Bailey was slipping and sliding for hours. Although her cheeks were red as ever she refused to admit that she was cold or wanted to go inside.

After hours of fun and spending time with the family we headed into Gatlinburg to get checked in to our hotel. The hotel was beautiful and right on top of a mountain! Now getting up there I was a bit nervous to say the least! However I was forced to over come my fear of heights since my husband booked the only hotel straight up, on the edge, of a mountain. Our trip was amazing, we had such a great time and I am so excited that Bailey was able to experience all the fun the snow brings. She was able to make a snowman, sled down hills, get into a snowball fights and sit by a camp fire as snow surrounded her and drink hot cocoa ! I don’t normally make new years resolutions but I am this year. This year I will enter 2011 making it a point to" ENJOY THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE!" Happy New years!!

Whoo's Cute???

My little angle making an angel.

Bailey and I outide the hotel, thank God for this rail because it dropped right off!

The pool at the hotel, look out the window!

Bailey and Lauren striking a pose!


Tania said...

I love visiting Gatlinburg. Glad you all had a fun trip. Love the pictures of Bailey in her snowsuit, so precious!

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