Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our little queens...

Last weekend we attending our  1st "big" pageant. I mean big as in,  three outfit changes/walks all within a 35 minute window. I enjoyed the insane changes in the make shift dressing room a.k.a "lobby".  Bailey was loving all the attention and pampering during changes and I enjoyed the look on her face each time she hit the stage. Her personality blows me away and I love at the age of 5 how level headed she seems. Before she went on that day I was getting a bit strssed trying to curl her insane amount of hair, as the tears began to roll down my face she says mom " it doesn't matter what my hair looks like , my makeup or my outfit, its all about my personality". She is my calm in the middle of the storm I guess! She was able to win her first crown that night and she was beaming from ear to ear, after the competition we went to Chili's where she had to tell everyone about her first "crowning" experiance. I know people think poorly of pageants as so did I and the good Lord knows I have received some flack to say the least but for Bailey these 3 pageants have been nothing but a great experiance for her.

I love that Bailey has been able to share her new adventure with some of  her veteran pageant friends from school. These three little girls are not only cute as a button but sweet as can be. I am happy for each of them as they all shine in their own way. A big congrat to Sophia who was crowned the 6 year old Queen, Ainslee who was crowned Supreme Queen for theme wear, Bailey who was crowned Supreme Queen for outfit of choice and Presley who was crowned Ultimate Supreme Queen!

Pictures are few, as they would let no cameras inside the room, UGH! However, we were able to sneak a few!
Sophia, Ainslee, Bailey, Presley

Getting ready for the formal competition

Casual Wear-Supreme Winner!!

Poodle skirt and a Rock Star!

Bailey and Sophia

Theme Wear-Red White and Blue
God Bless America!


Charley said...

How stinkin' cute! I love that Bailey still looks like Bailey and her smile says it all--"I'm having fun!"

Crystal said...

I'm not huge on pageants, but like you said, she loves it and looks like she's having a blast, so I say go for it!!

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