Friday, July 20, 2012


Call it nesting or call it crazy or if you are like my husband, call it insane. Yesterday I woke up with this crazy idea to switch the babies room and B's room around, I mean totally around. The babies room, aka our den is a lot bigger than B's room and her toys were in both rooms. I didn't want her to feel as though I was kicking her out of her room for the baby so I sat her down and we talked and she was a go. Before I could get my water poured she was packing her room. After a good 10 hours which included taking apart the crib we just put togther, changing table and bailey's bed and of course a quick trip to hobby lobby for wall decor the girls room were completed.
I have to say, after spending the 1st three months in the bed with morning sickness, I am loving all this new found energy. Here are pics of B's new big girl room.

 Baby R's pics will be ready once we have her name on the wall...that is when we pic out a name Ha! I did find this wall art and was very excited thatthe colors were perfect for her room! I am in love with the soft look!


Charley said...

My kids love to rearrange their rooms, although we haven't gone full on switch yet (purple to green?). I bet Bailey had a blast! The tree picture is beautiful, was that hobby lobby?

Lisa Thames said...

I love it!

Lisa Thames said...

I love it!

Connie Russell said...

Girl You are crazy! But I would probably do the same thing. :) Looks great!

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