Friday, July 27, 2012

Whale of a tale

7 months pregnant today!
Bailey was completly soaked at the first stop!

I just love Sea World, we have been taking Bailey since she was around 2 years old. Maybe this is why she is totally obsessed with animals, especially Shamu. During the whale show yesterday, Bailey had a genius idea that we should build a whale tank at home and begin raising animals for Sea World. How cute, right? WRONG! This sweet little cute comment turned into an obsession. She had to call her daddy immediately and tell him of her plan and when he didn't answer, she sent him a text. When he didn't text back, she tried calling him again. Then, for the next couple of hours until daddy called back she was asking me every 5 minutes to check my phone just incase I had missed his answer. Looking back I wished he wouldn’t have called because when he did, he told her, "Yes, baby we will build a dolphin tank". Don't think he realized just how serious she was about this. This convo lasted all the way home and up until she went to sleep last night....then morning came and as she opens her eyes, I about fell down when she said "So, are we building the tank today?" To which Jay replies "I was thinking maybe just getting a gold-fish". Nope, she wouldn't have that! I laugh as I write this post because she just asked me, "Are you researching how many fish we will need to feed our whales". Oh brother! I just love this little crazy girl!!!
Bailey loved seeing these guys and all their great gymnastic moves!

At the baby dolphin nursery

rocking the shades!

Sweet Sweet Pic!

A real life trainer..Bailey was in heaven!

Bailey you are growing so quickly. You are such a big help to mommy and daddy and we love you dearly. As you begin your journey through Kindergarten, here are a few of your favorite things, according to you:
Favoite food: chicken strips
Favoite drink: chocolate milk
Favoite book: I love you, little one
Favoite singer: Taylor Swift
Favoite song: Our Song
Favoite person: Baby R
Favoite place: The Gator Stadium
Favoite animal: Shamu, dolphines and butterflies
Favoite Princess: Tangled & Ariel
Favoite  TV Show: Strawberry Shortcake


Charley said...

I can't wait to visit your whale tanks--how fun!! Love the glasses and all the cute pics--see you back at school soon...

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

My boys enjoyed Sea World last spring break and Nolan's grade went on a field trip there back in May. It had been YEARS since I had been previously. Shamu never gets old!

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