Friday, January 28, 2011

100's Day

Thursday we celebrated our 100th day of school, hooray!!!!

What a wonderful school day!!!

We started out our day by joining up with another class (Mrs. April & Mrs. Ashley) to do 100 exercises followed by stinging 100 fruit loops to make a candy necklace followed by building a tower using 100 was around this time when I began getting a bit tired of counting to a hundred but the day was just beginning! Next, we walked back to our class where we enjoyed 100 yummy snacks! Oh and Yes your math is right, I counted out a total of 1000 snacks for our display table (I am crazy!!!)..then we counted 26 kids out 100 snacks in their own cupc!!! Your probably asking yourself our they crazy and I will answer for all of us when I say YES but we love our kids and man they had so much fun! I can honestly say this day ran extremely smooth, we have an amazing class anyway but it was really a wonderful day. After an outside picnic followed by an attempt at a "nap time" we went back out side to eat our 100's day cupcakes Mrs. Franne and Caroline brought in.

Was it a fun day? Yes

Was it a tiring day? Oh Yea , I went to bed at 7:33 last night!!!
Our Yummy 100's day snack table

Caroline with her 100's day cupcakes

April and I with our 100's day shirts

A few of our wonderful kids!

Bailey eating her 100's day candy necklace , a big thank you to Mrs. Franne for Baileys beautiful shirt

April, Me & Connie at the end of the day
Waylon displaying his amazing 100's day hat!

Cutie Pie Braley..I love this pic!!!!


Crystal said...

Looks like a very busy day!! My goodness, I thought counting 100 eyes for Waylon's alien was tiring, now I'm counting my blessings that I didn't have to do everything you did!!

Carrie said...

What a fun day! Send me some pictures for the paper.

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