Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Part 2

Sunday we invited Jay's sister Jill and her family over, Bailey was excited to spend the day with her cousins Lauren and Sarah. As you can tell from the picture below, the dress up clothes were the big hit. These girls played for hours, they were so cute! Jay and Keith went out in the woods later in the day and hid various toys of Baileys (stuffed animals) along a trail near our home, once they were back the girls loaded up in the truck to go on a "scavenger hunt" , I thought this was super sweet of the guys and while they were out with the girls-Jill and I went to town making Valentines and hair bows. Jill is a lot like me (well actually she is a lot more creative she is of course an art teacher) she likes making cards, and all sorts of crafts! We had a great time...here are a couple of items we worked on- I had more pictures but since I have had my new camera, it takes my computer FOREVER to load !!
Lauren, Sarah, & Bailey
Eating out on the porch, having a good ol' time
mini diaper fold valentine

Hershey Bar covered, a gift for Laurens teacher
Bigger diaper fold valentine, the pink heart is a hair bow- these are what I am doing
 for Baileys class...I think??

Bad picture but cute idea-My friend Franne showed me the m&m valentine-these bags are really cute. We made these for Lauren's pre-k class down south, of course she has hair bows too as toppers!

Another shot of bigger diaper fold valentines
Sweet tart candy filled in mini bags-Made these for my friend Wendy, thought her son may like the ornage and blue ones for the boys in his class (she doesn't know I did this, hope she doesn't care)

           The hair bows, I love these as toppers. Thought... the little boys who get these on their valentines, could pass it to their moms as a little gift from them!

Well I am off to make more hair bows for the girls in my class and for who ever else wants some, really thinking of opening a little shop on etsy :)
Good night, Christy


Tania said...

Such cute little valentine's. I now the recipients of those will be thrilled. I would love to know how you made the diaper fold valentines and also the ones with the m&m's.

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