Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Part 1

I had such a wonderful, relaxing, jam packed weekend! Seems like I did so much in such in a short time so I am going to have to post multiple post.

Friday, Jay and I decided to stay in for the night hoping to give Bailey one more night of recovery (she has been battling a crazy cough since December 13th, went for x rays on wed and doc able to determine not pneumonia just a bad case of bronchitis, by the way after 5 days of meds she's different woman!) we stayed up watched movies and talked about everything we had so much fun just laughing and hanging out.

Saturday I met up with one of my friends for a fun trip to Hobby Lobby (one of the greatest places on earth), Michaels and of course Chic Fila. Together we shopped for Valentine ideas and Baileys upcoming fairy garden party!!! After shopping and gathering ideas and materials, we came back to my place to begin working on Baileys fairy tutu. I found a really sweet party on a blog last year and have been looking forward to Bailey's next party since. Check out TomKat Studio, if you have never before visited this site you are going to go crazy. She is amazing, one of the best party planners I have found. I used her candy theme set for baileys Super Sweet 3rd Birthday last year and today ordered her fairy invitations from her as well!
Ok, back to the outfit- I only bought five yards of tulle for the tutu but apparently you need a lot more, we only were able to complete about 1/4 of the project. So after eating some dinner and cleaning up and everyone leaving i got ready for bed, but couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking of , my friend telling me how she got rid of some things of her daughters and really organized her room. Well lets just say I was inspired , anyone who knows me knows that  I tend to not keep things very long ( I am always changing and rearranging, ask any kid in my class!) The only items I tend to keep around very long are bailey's toys, I always feel so guilty when I try to get her to part with toys, tears begin to fall and I hear the same line "Mom, I play with that all the time, its my favorite" Well, guess I wasn't feeling to bad this night I condensed all of Baileys toys to one shelving system and a couple left in her closet! It looks awesome, I am happy with the end result! The next morning she was so excited, proably because she never knew up underneath all those toys was a bed!Maybe now she will start sleeping there...YEAH RIGHT!

No, this is not how my house normally looks but I pulled everything into my kitchen and living room to sort. Does anyone besides me have a problem with buyingto many buckets and baskets? I am addicted!

 This is the computer room/playroom/craft room/throw your stuff in-room
! Of course Baileys toys fill the majority of space within this room!

End result of room above
End result of her bedroom
Clean and simple!
 Sunday I spent the day making valentines, hairbows and birthday favors. I wil post more tonight, right now I am headed back to Hobby Lobby for more tulle!!! :)


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