Friday, March 25, 2011

Rogers Farm

Thursday our Pre-K classes ventured out to Rogers Farm for a fun day filled with hayrides, picnics and of course strwberry picking! I was blessed to have been able to share this esxciting day with not only my little ones in class but also "my little one" Bailey. With her class along with 4 other classrooms we loaded the bus and began our journey to the farm. I have never seen so many cute strawberry shirts and I am pretty sure TES bought out the new Gymboree strawberry line!!

Upon arriving at the farm we were met by the owners who I would likew to add were so sweet and very patient with us! We loaded up the kids and headed out on our hay ride, living in the country we take for granted these simple yet fun times, it is hard to believe that some of the kids attending had bever experianced this and it was great to see them so excited! We then gathered up in a barn to watch a movie which was filmed at the farm and were taight the proper way to pick strawberries ( not sur ehow many followed the rule!). After wards, we all gathered under the pavilions to eat our lunch and allow the kids to release some energy!

Once lunch was finished we headed out into the gardens to pick our strawberries- each kids was given a green bsket to fill as a little sovinier to brig home!

What a fun, exciting and memorable day!!!


Tania said...

I enjoyed being there with two of my favorite little guys. Glad they asked Aunt Tania to go with them.

Crystal said...

Cute pics...looks like Zibe had a little room to scoot over so Way wasn't falling out of the seat, ha!! It's not like they were sitting 4 wide on the seat, oh wait, guess they were, LOL!! Looks like yall had fun, sorry I missed it!

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