Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

I can say with whole hearted truth I have the best job, I love being a teacher! I love how involved the kids are with all of our lessons and seeing them this week all into Dr.Seuss and his birthday was a hoot! Of course my sweet daughter informed her teacher Mrs. Heather that Dr.Seuss would not be attending his birthday party because he was dead because he is old! Ok she actually told me the same thing the night before but went on to say "mom, dad said you were old too" well honey I promise I ain't dead :)

Here are some pics from the days leading up to our big party and of course the party too!
Made sure not to miss a photo op again!

Traxton, Caroline and Samantha Seuss

If you only knew the stores we hit to get materials for this little ol'bag :)

Waylon Seuss looking cute!
Thank you Mrs. Ashley for our awesome cupcakes!

Our classroom set up

Our outside door, can't really see our door design but we went with the Dr Seuss saying
Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is youer than you!
with the kids pics all around..super cute!

Our writing excerise...if I were Dr.Seuss how would I look...
Braley Seuss striking a pose!

Mrs.April and Mrs.Ashley's door

Mrs.Heather, Mrs. Belinda and Miss Amanda's Door
aka Bailey's class :)
Caroline as Dr.Seuss, looks like it should be in a childrens story book!

Braley-she had no help! Wanted to do all on her on..imagine that!!!!

Carsen's famous Seuss drawing!!

Love Sam's photo-Ever watched the Frog Priness movie (is that the name???) Anyways does this not look like the little lighting bug inthe movie!!! I love, love, love this one!!
Sister striking a pose, Mrs.Franne came up with this cute outfit-Don't u just love Target!!!
Our outside wall-


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