Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where does it go?

Time, I remember being little and thinking when would this day ever get over, a day was a week, a week a month a month a year! Now it seems I can't keep up with my days, my weeks are more like days, my days like hours. I remember sitting back during the summer vowing to my self and my family I would keep my blog current, I even went as far to say I will blog every day..YEA RIGHT! For the first weekend since school began I feel like a have a couple minutes to catch everyone up on what we have been up to. Of course school has started, I love my new position! Bailey is doing wonderful, she has mastered all her letters and sounds and has started a reading program where she is learning to read and learning sight words! Jay is doing awesome, as always he is still OBSESSED with his bike, I think he wants to be the next Lance Armstrong, minus all the drug enhancement rumors. We have begun our quest to hit the most birthday parties and to spice things up we have decided to throw in some baby and wedding showers as well. According to my calendar our next free weekend falls sometime at the beginning of April! Gotta love it!

I am so missing all my "blog" freinds and I look forward to catching up on everyone's post!

 What have we been up to?
helped Ainslee celebrate her 4th birthday

caught a glimpse of a rainbow behind our house
celebrated rainbow day at school

had Mrs.Jennie make us the Perfect bow!
Went to a baby shower

saw a beautful pregnant woman!
helped caroline celebrate her 5th birthday

saw the cutest bday cake!
Wished I had trhe talent of some of my best friends!

and last but not least, had a sleepover with some of our best friends, Mr. and Mrs. Lantern!


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