Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't call me teacher, call me mom!

Today, October 17, 2011-My first field trip with Bailey Reese with one title "mom". Bailey and I have been on many field trips during her two years in Pre-K but I have always had myclass to attend to, so daddy would go and I would get a wave, maybe even a hug if our classes passed. However this year, being in first grade allowed me to experiance the whole "field trip" day in another way.

Bailey and I had such a wonderful time, she quickly found her buddies Caroline, LilliAnn and Ella and she was off. We enjoyed a cow ride, shooting corn, petting zoo, duck race and the highlight of course picking out the perfect pumpkin. I say it over and over but being a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to a daughter that has my heart in the palm of her hand, is pretty amazing. Here are a couple of the highlights from our day:

Caroline & Bailey

Bailey & LilliAnn

Bailey, Ella, Caroline

On the cow train!

Let's shoot some corn!!

Mommy and Bailey

Have a wonderful night and if you are local...Go to Rogers Farm! It is wonderful!!!



Crystal said...

You looked like you were having so much fun..and were so relaxed!! Wasn't it nice to be able to tend to JUST your girl!!

Charley said...

You know I'm so used to you being there, it never occurred to me that you were just "mom". What a perfect title! I hope I get to enjoy some 1st grade field trips this year as "mom" with your new crew...

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