Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Sweet Treats!

I did it, I have completed over 60 Halloween treats and I feel great! Not really, I am tired, my hand hurts, my back needs a good pop but I am happy with the turn out and Bailey excited to bring her sweet treats to school.

If you know me, you know I am a bit addicted to all things owl! I tried so hard to get Bailey to be a an owl last year for Halloween but she insisted on being a lady bug. You can imagine how happy I was when she asked for the owl costume this year, I ordered it that day (just incase she changed her mind!).

Anyways... while searching for Halloween printables I came across a really sweet site She had some cute owl printables and the best part they were free! Check out her site, she has some amazing ideas and items!

Using the clipart she offered I was able to make Bailey some goodies!

This is what I started with:

finished with this!

I used my big shot to cut the burlap circle, I loved the texture it gave to the bag.

30 little owl treats

covered mint patties. I really love the York patties but the packaging was wrong for this idea but I did find the Pearson brand at wal-mart, 45 patties for $2.50 !

These were somewhat last minute, ran in $ tree to pick up black paper and found these pencils 12 for a 1.00 Couldn't beat the price, put them in an one inch bag from (also where I get the plastic 4*6 bags above and below), added a topper and for 3.00 18 more treats!
Bailey picked these for her class, at publix right now big bag of candy BOGO $8.99

I can't wait till Friday when everything is set up! I will post pics soon!!
Happy Halloween!!!!



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