Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingerbread Shack!

What a lovely little idea-a gingerbread house!
I am sad to say that Bailey is 4 years old and we have not had the PLEASURE of putting one of these pretty little things togther, how horrible is that! Well that horrible trend in our life was coming to an end, tonight I decided this would be our little family project-What in the world was I thinking!!!! I guess for starters it may have went ok had I read the directions but who really reads those (besides the person who has the perfect gingerbread house). I did read the directions for the frosting, I made it according to the directions however it seemed to thick so I added just a tad bit more water..bad idea! I attempted to "paste" the home togther but my "paste" was to soft resulting in a minor quake to our home

I went back to the drawing board, read the directions got my gear in order and then I read the worst sentence I could imagine :Let it sit for 2-3 HOURS to dry, before decorating..what! My four year old was not having that, she was ready to decorate, so I did what every good mom would do, I  pulled out the blow dryer to "speed" up the time..nope the icing melted (duh) , so I did the next best thing..GLUE GUN!!!

Yep, I hot glued the whole house together...

we were finally ready to add the candy

bailey was so funny, this poor house looked horrible yet she took her sweet time making sure all the "details" were just perfect.

Jay got a kick out of the whole "process"

final result: our beautiful gingerbread shack!!!!

Oh well....maybe we will try again next year!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've hot glued mine together almost every year since the first one we did. This year I got one at Target that was already put together, even had the icing in a bag already prepared. :)


Carrie said...

I love it! Thanks for the read the directions warning! I bought the kit to make it with Allie before Christmas, but like you, I would NOT have slowed down at the directions :)

Charley said...

Hey, you finished the project and Bailey will remember forever her first gingerbread house. My poor daughter has been begging since Thanksgiving and keeps getting "maybe this weekend, honey". I haven't even bought the kit yet...

Heather Dixon said...

What a fun memory! I am going to attempt to let the boys help Loren and I this year with our gingerbread house. :)

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