Friday, December 2, 2011

Revenge of the Snot Rockets.........

I am so proud of our little Snot Rockets. Those babies play their little hearts out at every game. Win or loose they have the most fun, on and off the field.

don't let those faces fool you, on the field they are little fireballs

it's silly face time


They love their pappy

who's ready to go play some soccer

Nanny, mommy and the little snot

you can't help but cheer for the othert team as well, especially this cute thang!

buddies on and off the field, we love ya Owen


Charley said...

They are adorable-and you have one awesome goalie on your hands!

Hines House said...

Love the picture of them with their "Pappy".

Crystal said...

Those girls are too cute!

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