Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rockin the 80's!

I don't remeber tons about the 80's but I can greatly recall, 4th grade Mr.Farrows class where my "dream boy" gave me New Kids on the Block trading cards! Oh Joey you were my man! I was so excited to learn one of our dress up days at school last week, was going to be 80's theme. I showed my class, pictures of the 80's style, big hair, bright colors and of course the BFF puff paint shirts that were the coolest! Pretty sure they thought I was insane but I was having a blast. Here are some pics from our Totally Super Cool Totally Outrageous Day!
Wendy was rockin that side ponytail for sure

Like mother like daughter

Best Friend Pose from the 80's-
Presely and Bailey were too cute
Of course us moms had to have fun too!
April I swear looks like she did in school!

Martine and Wendy
80's children

Jenna and Bailey
How about that 1986 cabbage patch! Yep, thrift store 2.00!
Bailey and Caroline
Jelly Shoes and Roller Skates!
Super Duper Fun Day!


My name is Amee said...

I haven't thought about the 80's in forever! I loved the 80's & yes I did have the big hair / permed hair going on! lol
Looks like y'all had lots of fun!!!!

Charley said...

Love all your pictures, especially the BFF pose. I have a few personality portraits taken just like this myself. What a fun day. I am going to have to beef up my own 80's wardrobe for next year!

Hines House said...

Super cute! Better not leave that C.P.K. laying around or it might just go a miss:)

Carrie said...

Soooo much fun! TES is a rockin' good time!

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