Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She's almost 5!

How is it that I have been planning this party for a year and yet with 3 weeks left to go I  am running around like a chicken with my head cut off !
It is hard to believe in less than a month my sweet baby girl will be a big 5 year old!
With that being said the Dick and Jane saga continues,  Seriously, am I one of the only ones in this world that adores the old school feel of Dick and Jane? I  told Jay I should create tons of Dick and Jane inspired goodies and open shop, then again I may be the only one shopping for it.
I decided to go back to making my own invites, I found some reproduction Dick and Jane books at a thrift store and cut them to pieces! Yes, I did..I am horrible!
I am always stressing to Bailey the importance of taking care of her stuff, books epecially, and here I am happy go lucky with my purple scissors destroying these poor books! I am happy though with the final project.
 Each invite is different, which I think is pretty neat.

I just love Sally, she is like the cutest kid!

Love the vintage look!

bag toppers

sour cream pouch favor, easy to make favor!

paper fan cupcake toppers, cute but a bit to much work to me!

project in the making, party favors!


Connie Russell said...

LOL, I love that you cut up the books but I love the theme and You have done a FANTASTIC JOB! Love them all, wish I could be there.

Charley said...

I love it! You are so talented, it does break my heart to hear innocent books were destroyed--BUT I think the final outcome is worth it!

Callie said...

Love it!!!

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