Sunday, June 24, 2012


 I am loving my friend Crystal's idea of posting her instagram photo's weekly and if she is ok with it, I am going to borrow her idea and begin an instasunday post. Hopefully this will force me to slow down and take at least one photo that sums up each day I spend with my family.
 My first instasunday will be short but hopfully I will have a pic from each day for my next Sunday post.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I have enjoyed so much each and every minute I have been able to spend with my precious family!
God Bless You All!
Hat- Check, Bigger than my face glasses-Check,
Red nail polish-Check..
yep mom I am ready for the beach!

I'm loving it!


Beginning to wonder if there are twins in there?

Re-Post but I just can't get enough of her and she is not even here yet!
Looking forward to October!


Crystal said...

Love the burpie, love Bailey, love the bump & Baby Girl R!! Can't wait to see how your series goes!

Charley said...

Love the pictures, especially the big glasses Bailey! Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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