Thursday, July 1, 2010

Disney World

First, let me start by saying when I decided to begin posting,  I had all intentions of at least writing 3-4 times a week. Well, that has not happend! With this being said I am excited to say today was my last day of work!!!! Hooray!!! I have exactly 4 weeks until trainings begin and school starts back. I am so excited and hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more and figure this whole thing out.........
Now back to Mickey, Fathers day weekend Bailey and I surprised Jay with a weekend at one of the Disney Resort Hotels. I know it was Fathers Day not Bailey day, but believe me anything that puts a smile on ol' Bailey Reeses' face, makes her Daddy happy.
Once we checked in, (here we are in the room, jay looks so happy, right?) got everything unpacked we headed for Downtown Disney. I had never been but my good friend Wendy brags about this place all the time so I had to check it out. As we entered the gates Bailey began clapping her hands she was so excited to see.....
a princess!
Bailey just had to take her picture with the princess ,don't you just love the way she is holiding her dress!   
Next stop was Mr. Potato Heads shop!

then the lego shop....This girl was built totally out of lego's, I was super impressed.

  Next we went to board the big hot air balloon, however that for uncertain reasons did not happen, so we took some fun photos. I love this picture because it really looks as though Bailey is holding the hot air balloon!Well sorta!

How cute is this....and the big elephant!

I forgot to mention the best part of this trip, if you have ever been to down town disney then you know its free and all though yes there are tons of stores and yes you could spend lots of $$$$. Each shop has something free you can do. There were so many fun acivities I fell in love with this spot!  But back t the best part, Bailey thought the whole time she was at Disney World! I laugh because we never told her that, but she saw Mickey everywhere and just assumed it was Disney, hey who am I to break her heart. We are going to ride this train until she gets a bit older and we have to break out the big bucks for the real Disney!


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