Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and is able to spend their day with family and friends! I am so thankful to all the service women and men for what they are doing for our country! God bless you!!!

Today Jay, Bailey, and I are hosting what looks to be our last 4th of July party at our home :( As most of you know Jay was promoted during my spring break and we have to relocate for his job. Our new place is almost finished, the builders have been working hard looks like we are just waiting for inspections! We decided to put together a small get together with family, friends and neighbors. I will post pictures later of the activities but wanted to share some pictures I took of Bailey a couple weekends ago in the field beside our home.

I just think Bailey is so stinkin' cute, but I am her mother!
  I am going to look for the pictures from previous years to show you just how much she has grown!
My flower child!
Try getting a three year old to pose by a tree and this is what happens. Even in her little cute dress and shoes, she proves just how much of a tomboy she is! She makes her daddy so proud!
!!!!!!HAPPY 4TH!!!!


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