Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pray for my baby!

Before the doctors came in :)

Today I took Bailey back to the doctor to get the results from her sleep study. I was informed that Bailey has a severe case of sleep apnea. She will have to have her tonsils removed and her adenoids as well. Although, she had her adenoids removed when she was 23months there is a chance they have grown back. Due to the severity of her sleep apnea, instead of the surgery being an outpatient procedure (like the majority of tonsillectomies) she will be admitted to Shands Hospital and will stay overnight for observation, this will determine if she will have to stay longer. Bailey is a pretty observant child and as the doctor began to explain the details of the surgery Bailey began crying, she is so scared, asking me all the way home when the surgery was going to take place. I told her it was going to be o.k. that this was her way of getting nothing but ice cream and jello! I know she will be fine but she is my baby and I try not to but I worry about everything she does. Please pray for god’s protection and peace over her and wisdom for her doctors.


Tania said...

Christy- When it comes to our "babies" we do tend to worry, even though we know that it is a sin, (we are basically saying that we do not trust God). My prayer for you all is that your worries will be taken from you, that you will have a peace about the surgery and feel the comfort that only God can provide for you. I pray for the doctors and the other hospital staff as they take care of your precious little girl. For Bailey to not have a fear of being in the hospital and having this surgery. Keep a smile on your face and stay positive for Bailey.

When does she go in?

Russel Ramblings said...
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Russel Ramblings said...

The date is 9-23, thank you so much for your prayers!

Carrie said...

I'll be praying for y'all, Christy. Poor Bailey! I can't even imagine trying to explain it to a child her age so that it doesn't sound frightening!

Vanessa said...

Hi! I came across your blog and wanted to let you know how cute it is. Bailey is adorable. Best of luck to her. Vanessa

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