Monday, February 28, 2011

House Party!!!

The past week or so seems like it just flew by! Why is it that the older I get my days,weeks, months and years seem to get shorter??Especially since I had Bailey, I can not believe in 2 weeks she will celebrate her 4th birthday!  Back to the post...
With all that has been going on I have not been able to blog, hopefully I will catch up this week. I did want to share real quick a great Its a website that offers free products in hope you and your friends upon trying the product will want to go out and buy it, once you sign up on their site you can register to host certain parties. Its basically a site that  gives you and your friends free stuff and then you strings attached. I have been a member for a little over a year, I have won some cool parties (once you register to host a certain party/product you like, they choose the first however many participants they need) (did I mention the party packs are packed with great coupons!!). I slacked off during our recent move but registered for a party a Zatarain rice party a couple of weeks ago, rice is a staple at my house!! Anyways, the party pack came in today, take a look:

The pack came with:
1 box Zatarain Jambalaya Mix
1 Box Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice Mix
1 bottle if Zatarain's Creaole Mustard
1 bottle Zatarain's Creole Seasoning
1 bottle Zatarain Rootbeer extract
4 Free Coupons for Zatarain meals
30 Zatarains money off coupons for guest
1 Tote bag
1 Mardi Gras Menu
4 Mardi Gras Recipe Cards
15 Mardi Gras Mask
45 Mardi Gras Bead Necklaces

You use all the free stuff to put togther a party to show off the product, I am going to make mine for some of the girls at work, well at leasthe girls who are not afriad to try my cooking  ha!
I just wanted to share, go over and try its lots of fun! However if you win a party...remember me for the guest list!!!
Good Night..

Hopefully my week will slow down,
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Tania said...

I signed up with House Party several months ago and will be hosting a Philly House Party in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to hearing how your party turns out.

Carrie said...

This sounds like fun!

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