Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Cards

After taking Bailey to the doctor yesterday for a precautionary flu swab, which I must add came back negative, we discovered Bailey had a case of strep throat! Although my child has bounced off the wall today, we had to take the day off since she needed to be on her antibiotic for 24 hours per doctors order before heading back to school. Of course the teacher in me had to put sister girl to work! I am kidding, she loves it. I told her we should take the time while we were not to rushed and complete her valentine cards. She was so eager to write them out but I figured she would get tired or bored before they were completed. To my surprise she wrote out all the names. I say all the names as if she has a hundred kids in her class but come on guys she is three and 14 kids seemed like a lot :). Her handwriting makes me smile, I even noticed on one of the little girls names she drew a heart over her I.
Man I am really going to miss these moments:

The cute heart on Sanaiya's name!


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