Monday, June 13, 2011

Splash + Park= Lots of Bailey Fun!!

Summer Trip # 3
Today Bailey and I decided to take a short ride to another fun but inexpensive local attraction, the Alachua County Splash Park. 

We had only been there one other time and I am asking my self why did it take me so long to come back!  I felt very relaxed letting Bailey run around,  the park is completly fenced in and there is only one entrance/exit gate (I can barely reach to get out of), so I did not have to fear that my adventerous child would wonder away. Although we went alone it didn't take long for her to meet two adorable little girls. As they made "vegetable soup" and ran 90 to nothing I laid back in the chair reading a book. We really enjoyed the trip and I enjoyed seeing her big grin!



Tania said...

A great place to cool off on these oh so hot days. Looks like Bailey had lots of fun.

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