Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Heart Skates!

Its been so LONG since I have last posted and I am determined now that school is out I will be good about keeping this up, if for noone else, my sweet mom! Yes mother I have heard you!!! I am updating my blog!
Bailey was so excited today as she woke up with the news that she was going roller skating, after jumping up and down for a few minutes she said "what is that". Yes, my child! So once we explained she was jumping up and down agin!! Our friend Railee celebrated her 7th birthday at skate station and it was a blast! The kids were having so much fun, Bailey spent most of the time on the ground but she loved it. Between bending down to pick her up and bending down just to hold her abs are in some major pain.

Happy Birthday  Rai Bug!

This is about what the majority of the day was like, poor Bailey!

at one point she just gave up!

another  "almost busted it"
Love my family!

Love my friends!


Crystal said...

Too cute! I can only imagine what the boys would be like...yikes!

Hines House said...

We have to go skating this summer.... let's add it to the bucket list. :O

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