Friday, June 17, 2011

A step back in time.....

June 14
Summer Trip # 4
Tuesday I took Bailey to see the home of Marjorie Rawlings, although we had been to the park beside her home a couple of times we had never toured her property. The admission was $3.00 a car, not bad at all, although there was not a "ton" to do there, it was still neat to look at everything and imagine life way back when. I tried to explain to Baiey how people would spend all day washing their clothes, but she just couldn't grip her little mind around why they wouldn't put the clothes in the washing machine, it was so cute when she came home begging her dad to put a rope up so she could hang clothes on it!

                              She loved the car Mrs.Marjorie owned, Bailey called it her bananna car!
 Her favorite part though was chasing the roosters, ducks and chickens around! After we left the home, we played at the park for a couple of hours and just enjoyed another quiet, simple summer day!


Crystal said...

You guys are definitely making the most of this summer!! I love the picture of her in the tire swing!

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