Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teacher Jackpot!

There are days you go shopping and find nothing (normally when you have some money), then there are the days you are out and find everything (normalyy whe you have no money) and then there are the days when gods grace falls upon you and you hit the jackpot and have a little cash! If you are a teacher you can relate with the fact of always "stocking up" if I see something that may sit up for 6 months I will buy it especially if its a good deal-the deals I found to today were awesome. Hopefullly you can use some of this stuff as well!
Dr Seuss Birthday! Perfect for our Dr.Seuss day..all in Target $1.00in!

End of the year summer party, all in $1.00 bin at Michaels

Classroom Essentials:
All from Michaels- Huge eraser 2.00, Folder 1.00 and note book 3.00

Grocery Store Unit/House Keeping area-
Grocery Checklist, Michaels $1.00 bin

Perfect for Farm Day! 75% off at Michaels 29 cents each

Class room essentials all 1.00 bin Michaels

En dof the Year summer Party banner clearance $1.99

Enjoying my summer but excited about the new school year and all the new adventures with a new group of kids!!


Hines House said...

Love the Dr. Seuss stuff, April and I grabbed a bunch of that the day we were in there. Glad to see Michaels's finally got their bins filled up. I bought a bunch of those certificates in the $1 bins at Target for Braley's back to school teacher gift.... guess I can tell you that since she won't be coming to you this year:(

Crystal said...

You did get some good deals! It always happens when I have a little money to spend I can't find anything!
Looks like the Russel class will be having a super cute year...makes me a little sad that Way won't be a part of it!

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