Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Sweet..........

I can not believe it is July and I am already planning Bailey's 5th birthday which isn't until March. It's insane but I love it. with that total random thought out there...when I came home today I began thinking about Bailey's last 4 parties and how much fun I had planning them. I started going through pictures of her 3rd birthday, themed Sweet Shoppe! As many of you know I am in love with with TomKat Studio, for the past two years I have used her products for Bailey's parties (and lots of other parties) and have been so pleased. If you are looking to do a candy party, visit her Etsy Shop. I knew the moment I saw this party I had to have it, I actually began planning it a month after Bailey's first party. See Kim, the designer of tomkat (named after her two kids, Tommy and Kate) has a daughter who's birthday falls right around Baileys. So when she would  post her parties for that year, I would plan Bailey's for the following. I know it is crazy and no I am not stalking her (smile)  Her ideas are just so great and the presentation of her parties make it hard to resist. My party no way compared to her daughters but I was totally pleased with it. Bailey had a blast and the kids..well lets just say they were loving all that candy!!!
Here are some pics from our day March 16, 2010.........
Bailey, Presely & Ainslee in there Candy shirts!

Bubble gum party favor (walmart 1.00)

Cupcakes, toppers read- Bailey, 3, b & Bailey's sweet shoppe

more this pic

Braley girl in her bubble gum shirt

Birthday Girl!!

Lollipop party favors (1.00 Dollar Store)

Carlee, love that smile!

dipped marshmellows

My friend at work made me these really cute tags for the "candy bar" setting!!

My homemade sign that kept blowing away!!

one of the "favor" tables

another shot of those cupcakes!!

Braley was thinking something I am sure!

some really good friends!

Kinsey in her candy shirt

another treat at the candy bar

Jay and I ...the best husband out there.

can't get enough of those cupcakes!


Hines House said...

Wow, that made me really sad. Where have all those babies gone? I can't believe that has been "almost" two years ago. It was a super cute and fun party as all ways.

Carrie said...

Soooo cute! I thought about you earlier this week when I was looking at the Celebration Fall magazine and saw a Back to School party. Really cute :)

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