Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahoy, Ahoy it's a boy!

Franne, Kim M, Ashley, Kim P, Me

Ahoy, Ahoy, Ashley is having aboy! I was so honored to be able to be a part of baby Will's baby shower, myself along with 3 wonderful ladies put together what we thought to be a pretty good shower. Will's room decor will be a  nautical theme by Pottery Barn Kids, it was a no brainer that that would be our decor as well for the shower. After scouring etsy for invitation and toppers we were set.

The rest just came to us, we had such a good time and Ashley and Will were blesses with many wonderful gifts. We are so excited to see him and hopes he comes soon!
Kim's lantern she stole from her mom!

loved the fish in the fish bowl!

Sweedish Fish
Heavenly Ham..YUMMY

Food table. Picked this table cloth up at target (only 9.99) for Dr.Seuss party in January, it worked perfect for this setting too!

Shower timing was perfect for decor-we used lots of 4th of july decor that Kim was able to get 75% off at Michaels, good job KIm!

Franne's pasta was amazing!

thank you Franne for driving in at 1 inthe morning to make these for us!!

Baby basket I made for Will, would love to take credit but idea came from Jay's cousin. She makes these for the kids and I love them!
Two cute girls!
silly girls
By far my favorite part of the shower. We printed off an ABC coloring book, each person was given a page with a letter on it. They colored the page and signed it. We collected all the pages and I am taking it to Office Max to be bound, a special gift for baby Will. His first ABC book from all his mommy's friends
Ashley & Kim
Wendy, Stephanie, and Ashley
grandparents coloring their pages!

Party favors, made using cricut cartridge "going places".


Me and Ashley
I love ya Ashley!



Callie said...

Love it. Such a great looking shower.

Carrie said...

Cute shower! I am so behind...I had no idea Ashley was having another baby.

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