Thursday, August 4, 2011

My obsession with paper straws!

Once again I have created a new problem all due to my intense google searching of party ideas!
My new problem : My obsession with paper straws!
 I know they are just straws but how can you resist! I am all over the internet and searching magazine for ideas for these cute little things.

Check these out!

Bakerella is amazing!

ice cream sundae party

Prom birthday party

found this online and I love it, center piece idea for bailey's party!

I found this really cute shop on etsy  MakingMemoriesFun.
The store has a good variety of colored straws and cupcake liners.
What really got my attention was her logo!
How stinkin' cute is this girl!!
here are a couple of things from her shop!

perfect for Christmas and Back to school party!

Possible colors for Baileys 5th birthday

not straws but boy I loved these!

You may be thinking 4th of July but the teacher in me says Perfect for Dr.Seuss's bday!

Good night and Sweet dreams


Hines House said...

Those Bakerella cupcakes are the ones I wanted to do for Braley's party, but they were a little to involved and found then to late. I have a ton of those old Ball jars..... ton translates to 5-10 :) And yes, totally Dr. Seuss straws. I am thinking I need a pack for my cookie exchange.

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