Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I wear Etsy!

Back to shool shopping has been so much fun this year. I am so happy to say, I have caught many things on sale! Gotta love that! I have also been browsing etsy this year. I love the look pillow case dresses but can not sew!! I like the idea of learning to sew but in all reality I have enough on my plate. So I rely on good friends (thank you Franne & April for all your help last year) and etsy.
After three days in a row of receiving packages from etsy sellers, Bailey asked me if her new dress was the  Etsy brand haha..why yes it is! Check out these sellers, they have super cute items and priced very well.

this dress is from the seller pinpricksandkisses, she has some of the cutest things. This dress also can be monogramed. I LOVE IT!!
(if you have never been on etsy, make sure to use the drop box and click shops, than enter pinpricksandkisses)

had to have this for DR Seuss's birthday! This is from
wicked cute kidz on etsy

this woodland theme is also our pre-k theme this year. I got Bailey the cute lil one with the blue polka dot bottom.
also from wicked cute kidz!

I don't know a lot about sewing or the cost of material but these were well worth it to me!


Crystal said...

I'm such an Etsy addict! That's where I got the boys their birthday shirts...only problem is, there's so much cute stuff for girls and baby boys, but not big boys :( Anyway, I buy a lot for friends, ha!! You got some super cute stuff!!! LOVE!!

Hines House said...

LOVE ETSY!!!! And I am right there with you and the sewing, wish I could but my talent is in the kitchen. If they will sew for me, I will keep them fed and watered:)

Lisa Thames said...

I am an etsy addict myself. My wedding jewelry, veil, hairpiece, garter, cake topper, and more were from etsy. Now that we are having a baby Steven is worried my spending frenzy on etsy will commence again. :-)

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