Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soccer Mom

Yes, it's true. I have a new title and I just love it, Soccer Mom! My baby is playing her first sport ever and lets just say the entertainment factor is defiantly there. She is in the company of 9 other cute, cute little players. Her team name, Snot Rockets! Yes, thank you Cook Farms for the wonderful donation and the great name! It truly fits this group of kids, lets just say laughter fills the air when they get to tell someone their name. Games start tomorrow and I am sure I will obtain many photos so I will keep you posted. I am just praying for no broken bones or a busted nose! Did I mention Bailey plays goalie? Yep, lord please have your angels over us!!

Boys you better watch out!

wait guys, I need a moment to pose.


Caroline, Bailey and Braley
*Braley was determined to be able to stand on her ball!


the kids love to keep one foot on the ball, this pose you will see through out practice!!

I am so proud of you Bai!

Excited about the weeks ahead and praying God's protection over all of our babies!!



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