Sunday, January 29, 2012

Operation GSD, Accomplished-----

Operation Get Something Done was my ultimate goal today! Lord knows I have spent more time this week locked up inside a car and unfortunatly my house had paid the dear price for it. I couldn't handle it no more, after staying up till 1, grading papers and working on Valentines, I got some much needed rest Friday night. Before I hit the bed I made a list of all the things that needed to be completed. I am proud to say that I was able to scratch at least 4 items off! We took a break from the "projects" to attend the cutest little paper doll birthday party, Bailey's sweet friend Ella B. turned 5 years old!!
 Here is a recap of our Saturday:
made our 100's day project. After a night at Mrs.Heathers "farm" I knew we had to make a cow. I went between Holy Cow and Moo-ving through Pre-K..Holy Cow won!

made my first pinterest dish-low carb snack
I cleaned my closet!

No a tornado didn't pass through our home, I hate to say this but I tend to be a bit crazy in the mornings when it comes to what I am going to wear!

Birthday Party Fun!

My next investment, love this drink dispencer from Pottery Barn

Ella's beautiful favor display

Beautiful cupcakes with fabric toppers

continued through the night making these! 
made class valentines, thank you Hobby Lobby!
Now to get ready for our busy dress up week.:
Monday- country music star
Tuesday-80's rock

Can't wait to post these pics!!! Enjoy your week, I know we will!


Carrie said...

Love the drink dispenser from pottery barn and those cupcakes are so cute!

My name is Amee said...

Hi! I'm Amee & I'm your newest follower. :)
I cant' wait to check out your other posts!
I am loving that drink dispenser!

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