Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling a bit dusty

Today while driving home (and not feeling well I should I add) Bailey tells me that I look a bit dusty. Dusty? I said, she proceeds to inform me that, the older you get the more you look like dust and one day I will just be a pile of dust and she will miss me. What in the world?! I said to her, to which she replies "Mom you did watch Tangle, didn't you?Ok so now her story makes a bit more sense but since I am already feeling the 30 blues I  am now looking into a couple of things that may help me not turn into dust !


A tummy tuck

and of course some Pledge!

No more dust on this body!!

I love you Bailey Reese, even if you give me a complex!


Heather Dixon said...

Oh my word! That's too funny! :)

Franne said...

LOL! She cracks me up!!!!

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