Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dick & Jane, where are you?

In less then two months my little baby girl will become a big 5 year old! She is so excited about her special day as so am I. We are having a vintage school party based around some of her favorite Dick and Jane books. Here is the problem though, each year I have seen cute parties and basically took what I saw and built upon it. This year I let her pick the theme, and now,  I cannot find a single party that really goes with what I want. I cannot even find Dick and Jane invites! I am a bit stressed because at this point I am usually done with the whole party except of course the minor details that come on party day.
 This year I am still trying to figure out what to do, with that being said I am reaching out to my blog friends. If you have any ideas or know of sites that may sell invites please let me know.
 Her color scheme is pink and blue,this is what I have so far:

scrapbook paper, I loved the vintage feel this gave off

random collection
thrift stores, hobby lobby and of course TJ MAXX

possible favor idea? spray painted baby food jar, maybe it needs a ribbion? any ideas for other candy that may go better?

My steal! Dillards 59.99 on sale after christmas, I picked it up for 15.00!!!

I found this vintage dress at a thrift store-thought of having some vintage girl clothes on a line??

Ok send me some ideas!


Carrie said...

LOVE this theme. Vintage Dick and Jane is going to be sooooo cute! As for the invitations, RUN (don't walk) to the Journal (any day but Tuesday.) Chris, our graphics guru, is AMAZING and he can help you design an invitation using Vintage Dick and Jane graphics. He's my go to man!

AMW said...

isnt that always the way it goes? when you need something you can never find it! You've got lots of cute stuff already, though, to work with! Love those paper straws. What a steal on the gumball machine, too! I have a pink one, too, that used to be red but we spray painted it pink for AB's first bday..if you need to borrow another one, let me know..i'll send it to trenton with carrie! :) I would definaltey make some fabric pennants to use at the party-- so easy and cheap--and fabric always adds so much to parties. In fact, I think I may OVER-USE them... I feel like I make one for every party we have! Ha... Just made some for our playroom, too! :) I am sure you could find some really cute fabric in your party colors and you could cut the triangles with pinking shears to make them look more vintage...

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