Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christmas in July

Last night out of the blue, Bailey began writing a letter to Santa. I know, it's July! It was so sweet listening to her as she talked about all she had been given through the years and how many birthdays she thought Jesus  had celebrated . As she finished up her letter and sat it up on the counter, I knew it was time to dig around for buttercup!

 What could be better than a response from Santa delivered by her favorite little elf?!
She woke up and I eagerly pointed her into his direction of course she walked by him for 20 minutes! I decided to just get dressed, that's when I heard it, the scream!! oh my goodness he's back!!! She even had tears in her eyes, good gracious she had me in tears!! 
I love the little surprises I can do for my girls, the ones that cost nothing to do but make the greatest impact!!


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