Monday, July 1, 2013

Georgia to Florida

*first time blogging from my phone and I have no clue how to get pictures to not post in random parts of blog 😉
Here we go, on the road again. Our destination , home! Enjoyed our family vacation but really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and more so, I look forward to Carly Rae in her crib. Poor baby girl, she does not care for her pack and play to much! 
With all the craziness in life it's great to be able to take a break from " reality" and just enjoy having nothing pressing on your mind. We woke up early Friday, jumped in our car and headed for Blairsville ,Ga. This was Baileys millionth road trip but Carly Raes 1st ( besides the normal road trip to work or grandmoms), I was a bit nervous. However, she was perfect! Thank the Lord that I was blessed with babies that don't mind being strapped in a car seat, as much as we are on the go, that could be bad. 
Our cabin was gorgeous, it was built along side a lake, with beautiful mountains surrounding. We spent a lot of time just hanging out,  watching all the cousins play, jumping off the dock and of course eating! Oh my gosh, 6 months of pretty good eating and lots of exercise, went down the drain! But hey, one salad doesn't make you skinny so I'm sure a gazzilion pancakes, buffalo chicken, hamburgers, fries and chocolate  brownies with peanut butter topping can't make you fat, right?! Who cares though! Vacation is a time to just get crazy and I guess that's what you can call me when I decided to " go with the flow" and take Carly Rae down the river in a tube with mild rapids and even crazier taking her twice. Oh my though, she loved it! Bailey of course my little daredevil went three times!! Daddy was a trooper and of course was nominated father of the year, having a father involved so much in their children's life, there are no words. All I know is that I feel so blessed.
Here are a couple of pics from our trip, I'm blogging from my iPhone ( yes, I'm trying to pass by the time on this wonderful 6 hour trip home), so I'm limited on amount of pics.


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