Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls trip July 2013

30 hours , a gazzilion toll booths, 30 something wrong turns, 3 malls, a target, a trip to downtown Disney and a billion " mom, are we there yet", my trip with my two princesses has come to an end! Taking a break from unpacking , I snapped a pic that pretty much explains just how much fun we had!
 These two are wiped out!! As is mommy dearest!! I have never in my life walked as much as I did yesterday!! My neck, oh my, I popped it 3 times just on the way home, turning to pass drinks, gum.. You know the things kids need as you are going 70 down the interstate!!
I cannot wait to upload our pictures,  I am so grateful that God allowed me to be a mother to these two sweet girls!
I will say though, as much fun as I had, I am ready for Jay to be home! 


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